Mother receiving a hug and kiss from her sonAre you or someone you know addicted to prescription medications or suffering from prescription drug abuse? Pathways Real Life Recovery offers outpatient addiction treatment. Our treatment program (1) targets the underlying causes of drug addiction, (2) addresses the entire addictive disease process, and (3) focuses on individual treatment plans. If you or someone you know is suffering from prescription drug abuse, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah for a free assessment opportunity to see how we can help.

The Most Abused Prescription Drugs

Drug addiction is a chronic condition and always involves compulsive drug use, regardless of consequences to the addicted person. Prescription drugs can be addictive, and some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs include:

So powerful medications (i.e., drugs) affect the brain. When a person stops using the drug, withdrawal symptoms ensue. The cycle of dependency, withdrawal, and continued abuse, especially in the case of pain killers begun under a doctor's care, can deteriorate to where an ordinary, law-abiding person meets the criteria of "addict."

No two treatment plans are the same

Prescription drugs target different parts of the human brain, and no two individuals respond identically to the same medication. Anyone seeking help from Pathways receives a custom treatment plan based on a variety of individual needs. (Note: We are not a 12-step program.) Treatment at Pathways Real Life Recovery is based on a medically informed approach, which is holistic in nature and digs deeply into the underlying causes of the individual's prescription drug abuse. The plan is customized to the individual. It surpasses other drug rehab programs by getting to the root causes of the problem and putting the individual in full charge of his or her own recovery. Pathways Prescripiton Drug Treatment Call to Action

Detox and withdrawal first

Depending on the medication the person has been abusing, the patterns of use and the state of the individual's health, the first step must be medically managed drug detoxification. Pathway internal medicine staff and psychiatrists have broad experience in helping addicted persons through the prescription drug withdrawal symptoms. The detox process includes:
  • access to around-the-clock treatment from Certified Mental Health Professionals and Drug and Alcohol Addiction Specialists, medical doctors, social workers, life coaches, marriage and family therapists, among other professionals
  • close supervision and care by physicians trained in administering withdrawal-aid drugs and the close monitoring  and detox of patients with opioid addiction

Pathways Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Program

The Pathways’ approach to prescription drug addiction treatment recognizes the damage addiction inflicts on the human brain and why most people relapse. It is because their treatment program failed to address the underlying causes of their addiction and failed to ensure an adequate post-recovery support system. In support of the foregoing, our program recognizes that anyone recovering from prescription drug abuse needs to build their own management tools. Those tools help them work through the physical craving and emotional pain when the desire to again misuse medications can be overwhelming. Our caring staff helps those who need us to develop those trusted tools and learn to:
  • recognize triggering emotional changes
  • identify the conscious choices they must make throughout their daily struggle to improve their self-esteem and body acceptance as they gain confidence
  • reduce stress and anxiety and heal the trauma
  • develop increased self-awareness
The goal is to help them to adopt a new set of tools and cope with situations where they previously resorted to abusing prescription drugs.

The Therapies We Employ for Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Happy man that received help with his addictionWe have found that prescription drug abuse responds to behavior therapy, which is particularly effective for treating stimulant addictions. Likewise, behavioral therapy can be adapted for various situations.  Also, we use motivational interviewing for individuals who are either in denial of their addiction or are undergoing involuntary treatment. The foregoing and other therapies--used individually or in combination--help to overcome the grueling challenges facing struggling, addicted individuals and can lead to successful recovery.   We employ comprehensive and individualized addiction treatment plans. The following is a representative listing of treatment plans and activities, which have helped our residents in adopting the aforementioned tools to experience their emotions and begin recovery:
  • one-on-one therapy
  • expressive and experiential therapy
  • cognitive therapy and focusing on the present
  • altering negative belief systems
  • instruction on the disease of addiction, its process, and path to recovery
  • consultation with dietary staff and healthful meal planning
  • group sessions, which teach both emotional management and behavior modification
  • family therapy (Note: Pathways Real Life Recovery involves the whole family, treating not only the person suffering from the addictive or self-defeating behavior, but also innocent family victims, who must be part of the recovery tools.)
  • a weekly psychiatric consultation
  • recognizing causes and effect of trauma and how to recover
  • prescription management
  • belief restructuring

Why Pathways Real Life Recovery's Utah Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center is So Effective

Our therapies, treatment approaches, and individually tailored recovery plans are the parts. Those parts combine into a singularly successful prescription drug addiction recovery program. In sum, our program is so effective because:
  • We teach motivation maintenance and building, coping with urges, as well as how to manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors to live a balanced life.
  • We offer a dual diagnosis treatment approach to detect whether substance abuse coexists with one or more mental illnesses.
  • We recognize that lasting recovery is only sustainable when the person seeking treatment has a sense of personal value, in turn, chooses to make the latter a priority.
  • We help the individual build and repair broken relationships and reestablish the needed support system to prevent relapses.
  • We help ensure that after the individual achieves sobriety theyavoid situations which lead to addiction.
  • We structure the personalized treatment programs to enable individuals to restructure beliefs; that is, our clients do more than just recover: they begin to thrive and gain a new control of their lives.

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