Our Team

Joseph Gouveia-Grant

Clinical Director
[email protected]

I have been practicing for the past five years as a clinical mental health counselor.

When I was a teenager, I started noticing my skills for reflective listening and have always wanted to be a therapist ever since. I love working with adults and believe the process of healing for clients starts with the development of a therapeutic alliance with their counselor. I have a vast background working with addiction and mental health and am experienced with the use of DBT, Trauma, anxiety, depression, and other cognitive behavioral approaches.

I am passionate about working with diverse populations, LGBT and acculturation issues. Fluent in Portuguese, I have experience working with culturally diverse populations while providing conscious cultural sensitivity.

I have worked in settings that provided trauma-informed treatment, for personality disorders, and addiction. I have also worked with community partners to understand better the battles clients face while dealing with struggles that prevent them from being with loved ones.

I do believe a community effort is necessary to inspire and change an individual. Also, I believe clients must be treated with the highest level of respect, a non-judgmental stance, and no shaming while exercising unconditional positive regard.

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