Michelle Amerman

Founder and CEO
Michelle Amerman brings an extensive background of developing and implementing programs to bolster outcomes for long-term change in alignment with evidence-based outcomes and research.
With a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Michelle specialized as a gender-specific trainer for the state of Utah’s Juvenile Justice Department, leading to keynote speeches across the country focusing her work on female offenders.
After 27 years of experience in the mental health industry and 5 years of extensive research, Michelle developed Pathways Real Life Recovery’s mission, vision, and research-based treatment systems. Michelle oversees training and certification of the Pathways’ clinical team and recovery specialists to implement evidence-based treatment modalities. She laid a foundation for a customized, full family-integrated program that assists clients in healing the root cause while supporting them to live up to their full potential.
Michelle is passionate about changing the way addiction recovery and mental health services are provided to every one of the Pathways Real Life Recovery clients.

Dr. Terrell L. Sellers, MD

Medical Director
Dr. Terry Sellers is a medical doctor with over 30 years’ experience. He started as an obstetrician who has delivered over 6,000 babies. After recovering from his own struggles with opiates used to treat his migraine headaches, he is now a board-certified addiction medicine physician with over a decade of sobriety. He specializes in helping those with mental health issues such as depression, substance abuse, alcoholism, trauma, and anxiety disorders.
Dr. Sellers helps to create customized treatment plans, provides medical detox, and sober living. He is passionate about caring for those with addictions and helping them to lead whole lives full of meaning.

Jaryd Neiman

Recovery Specialist


Jaryd Neiman is a recovery specialist with Pathways, where he specializes in helping clients establish positive belief systems by incorporating consistent success principles not just in recovery but in their lives as well.

Jaryd draws on his 4 years of experience in recovery himself as well as his 10 years in business management. Prior to starting at Pathways in October of 2016, he managed both small and large businesses where he was responsible for leading teams of people, increasing profitability, maintaining and growing customer bases and client relationships, and managing day to day logistics and functionality of each facility.

When he came to Pathways, Jaryd’s training in our program and principles came in the form of going through individual exercises and groups as if he were himself a client. Jaryd is very passionate about being able to relate experiences with his clients and prides himself in never asking a client to do something he hasn’t already done and/or continues to do himself. His main goal with each client is to help them establish a vision for what they’d like their life to look like, as well as identify where they feel Pathways can help them reach that goal.