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Tramadol Addiction Treatment in Utah

Addicted to Tramadol? We Can Help!

Tramadol is a common drug prescribed for the treatment of pain, and this narcotic pain reliever is in the class of drugs called opioid analgesics. While Tramadol is not a natural opioid, it is considered a semi-synthetic opiate. The unfortunate fact is that Tramadol is abused in one-third per 1,000 of prescribed users, accounting for nearly 26,000 overdose trips to the emergency room in 2010, and still rising today.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a Tramadol dependency, know that you are not alone. Pathways Real Life Recovery understands the difficulties that substance abuse and addiction can cause to individuals and families. We believe a successful approach requires a comprehensive treatment program that provides freedom from Tramadol addiction and addresses the underlying emotional issues. We empower persons through customized treatment programs geared to successfully reach your life goals. We maintain a full staff of quality recovery and addiction specialists to ensure individuals seeking freedom from Tramadol addiction are successfully guided into a life of sobriety. Fill out our contact form to begin your journey to freedom with a free mental health and addiction assessment today. Feel free to call us at 801-386-9641 for more information, or to discuss accepted insurance and/or financial assistance programs.

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Is Tramadol Addicting?

Yes, Tramadol may be addicting, even at regular doses. In July 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) established Tramadol as a Schedule IV controlled substance due to clear evidence of possible abuse, dependence, and diversion (a drug that is used for purposes other than its original and legal medical purpose). Those who have a previous history of substance abuse is more likely to become dependent on Tramadol.

How Addictive Is Tramadol?

Opioid analgesics like Tramadol are powerful narcotic medications. They act as efficient pain reducers and will generate euphoria at regular dosages; causing a comparable feeling as produced by heroin or Hydrocodone. Tramadol can become extremely habit-forming as it attaches itself to the user’s brain receptors and modifies the user’s perception of pain. Additionally, the drug prolongs the actions of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain, thus working like an antidepressant.

This dual action of analgesia and antidepressant is what makes this drug highly susceptible to addiction.

Tramadol Withdrawal Symptoms

Similar to other opiate addictions, Tramadol will cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms comparable to Oxycodone or Heroin withdrawal. Common withdrawal symptoms may include, anxiety, mood swings, muscle pain, confusion, headache, depression, headache, restlessness, and diarrhea. It is recommended to taper off Tramadol slowly to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. Consider that after only a few weeks of taking Tramadol as prescribed, your body becomes chemically altered and establishes a need or craving for the drug. At Pathways Real Life, our rehab plans support medically-assisted detox to slowly reduce the opioid intake dosage and taper the patient from dependence to freedom.

Treatment for Tramadol Addiction

Pathways Real Life in UtahNature - Tramadol Dependence Treatment in Utah - Pathways Real Life Recovery offers a personalized approach to treat drug addiction aimed at empowering the individual to make meaningful life choices. We realize treatment programs which view recovery through a ‘one size fits all’ approach will fail to meet the needs of the individual. We suggest you speak with a Pathways advisor to discuss a personalized path to recovery through outpatient drug treatment, which can also include:

  • Detox Program – recommended for those with a severe addiction to Tramadol. The physical, mental, and emotional symptoms associated with Tramadol withdrawal should be monitored by a medical professional experienced in detoxification.
  • Individual Therapy – provides specific counseling aimed at the individual’s environmental triggers, social environment, and tactics to successfully handle the stresses of modern life through sober living.
  • Family Therapy – offers solutions for the entire family focusing on problem-solving and expressing emotions and needs in a healthy way. It is important to realize the power addiction has on families – and work to strengthen those relationships and handle conflict in new ways.

We offer additional therapies, treatment options, and support individually customized to help you successfully recover from Tramadol addiction.

Pathways Real Life Recovery is a Tramadol Addiction Treatment Center in Utah

If you or a family member is seeking freedom from addiction to Tramadol, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery and discover the power to change through an individualized treatment program, custom designed to fit your needs. For a FREE individual assessment call 801-895-3006, or fill out our contact form to begin your journey towards maintaining sobriety.

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