Core Belief Restructuring Utah

belief-restructuring-utah-therapistAs you strive to reach your true potential, your perceptions about life may start weigh you down and impede progress. Your perceptions, or core beliefs, start to form well before you begin to utter your first words. Negative beliefs closely held to the heart by those around you, such as your family members and cultural leaders, permeate your being and become unconsciously held truths. From there, your life experiences continue to shape your beliefs and impact your self-image, ideals and expectations.
Letting go of those beliefs can give you a feeling of rebirth as you look at the world and yourself through innocent, judgment-free eyes. Since the beliefs live within your soul, you may find it difficult to cast them away completely without help and guidance. Luckily, you can go through a program focused on restructuring core beliefs to take back control of your mind. Once you regain control, you may find creating your own worldview addictive, yet incredibly beneficial for your well-being.

Concepts Behind Restructuring Core Beliefs Utah

Healing from within must start with restructuring core beliefs. The beliefs you hold can restrict your ability to approach experiences and opportunities with a clear mind and positive outlook. The restructuring core beliefs program uses methods that slowly challenge those long held ideologies in favor of replacing them with positive perceptions.
Core belief restructuring theories focus on how thoughts, emotions and behaviors influence each other in day-to-day life. Every interpersonal interaction or private thought suffers from influence from negative beliefs developed years or decades ago. Many people do not even acknowledge the influence of the beliefs before making a decision or taking action. The program encourages you to identify negative ideas and turn them into a positive thought process that facilitates healing and good decision-making abilities.

Benefits of Belief Restructuring

Our goal is for the individual to leave treatment knowing that they deserve better and give them the tools to grow and maintain that belief. This is what sets Pathways apart; we don’t want people to feel bad about themselves based on their addiction. We want people to feel great about themselves regardless of their former addiction. This builds a healthy foundation as they start their new lives without drugs or alcohol.

Understanding ABCs of Irrational Beliefs

Irrational beliefs often begin in response to a negative situation or feeling that you could not resolve on your own. The belief pattern may continually influence the way you approach similar problems through internal thoughts and external actions.
Irrational beliefs break down into the following ABCs:
  • Activating Stimulus: A negative stimulus that threatens the wellbeing of yourself or a loved one
  • Beliefs: Your perception of the event colored by both emotion and intellectual understanding
  • Conditioned Response: Ingrained and automatic physical and mental response to similar events

These three areas require intensive attention to change the way you think and feel in response to the activating stimulus. You may have just one strong stimulus or many to tackle. Furthermore, you may not totally recognize nor understand the automatic beliefs you hold in response to that stimulus. Mindful reflection can help you identify the way your mind and body unconsciously respond. The conditioned response often comes on automatically and within moments of processing the stimulus and subconsciously applying the associated beliefs.

Applications of Core Belief Restructuring

Belief RestructuringIn addition to healing negativity throughout your personhood, restructuring core belief programs can assist in beating eating disorders, addiction and mental health conditions for good. By challenging your internal thought process, you will learn how to cope with the sensations that lead to harmful ideation and actions.
After all, continued addiction requires the ability to lie to oneself without even realizing it is happening. Negative thought processes encourage the unhealthy behaviors by undermining resolve to recover and damaging self-esteem even further. By replacing those negative thoughts with positive ideologies, repressed feelings and distorted thoughts disappear, facilitating recovery from severe mental or behavioral afflictions. Without the completion of core belief restructuring programs, it is possible to remain in a destructive thought pattern for life without even realizing the extent of the problem.

Belief Restructuring Therapy Utah - Attending a Customized Treatment Program

Here at Pathways, we are ready to help you tackle the difficult task of restructuring your core beliefs. We will assist in revealing negative thought processes and identifying key emotions tied to those ideologies. You can methodically work through your past with our help to clearly identify the triggers that lead to each core belief. Through this program, you can learn how to forgive, cope and heal from past transgressions against your very being.
Each session can focus on unraveling a single extremely intertwined belief or identifying and clearing up a large number of negative outlooks. Your past will directly influence the way you must approach healing and overall core belief restructuring.
With each session, you will see more of the world for what it is without your negative thought processes clouding your mind. As you apply the coping skills you learn, you may develop the strength to heal from mental health issues, including gambling addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders.
Without the burden of carrying around negative ideologies, you may feel lighter than ever and glide through life unhindered. Your ability to feel and express the full range of emotions can give you the tools to reach new heights and expand your horizons like never before. You may even find that you can mold your world into a beautifully positive place full of opportunities. Contact Pathways Real Life Recovery for a free individual assessment.


Michelle is my Angel
The philosophy behind this company is beautiful. They dont focus on trying to "fix" u but rather on the reason why you use. I had graduated 3 rehab programs for addiction and had 2 suicide attempts prior to meeting Michelle. I was done. I couldnt see how I could possible remember to be happy anymore and my drug use had destroyed all the relationships with those in my life. I had no job, no family, and no desire to live. My friend talked me into calling Pathways a call at 2 in the morning. I was Expecting to leave a quick message and get my them off my back. Much to my surprise, Michelle answered at 2 in the morning!!! and talked to me for about 2 hours. Over the course of my treatment she taught me to look at myself as a person and not this terrible addict who was nothing but trouble. pathways has given me the opportunities and resources to step into my own path of healing. Thank you to all who have and continue to be part of my support system. I'm so grateful to you all.
Written by: CMG
Pathways Belief Restructuring Program
Date published: 05/28/2015