Behavioral Health Utah
Trying to understand your teenager can sometimes make you want to tear your hair out. With their strong desire for independence, teens don’t always make the best decisions. But they also represent what’s so great about being young: idealism, energy and a spark for life. With patient nurturing and understanding, teens grow into special, complex, healthy adults.
At Pathways Real Life Recovery behavioral health Utah clinic, we walk alongside a young person as they venture into change. We provide behavioral and mental health services for both adolescents and adults using our unique evidence-based approach to treatment of oppositional, aggressive and defiant behaviors. Even with teens and young adults who strongly resist treatment, we work in a caring and effective manner.
The journey also can be a difficult one for loved ones of a young person going through the therapy process, and Pathways Real Life Recovery offers parenting support and family therapy. It’s just one of the services we offer to help you find your balance again.

Pathways Adult / Adolescent Behavioral Health Services in Utah

At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we don’t treat disorders. We teach people how to be happy, healthy individuals with our comprehensive, personalized services.
We use psychiatric diagnostics to find reasons behind any unexplained symptoms, whether physical or emotional. Using psychological testing, we learn about emotional functioning and other measures that help us provide the right course of treatment. We also work with you to provide medication management, ensuring that your prescribed medications are as effective as possible in freeing you from troubling symptoms. In therapy, we work with several people who may be experiencing different stages of recovery; this allows you to learn and gain hope from others’ progress.
Additional services include multidimensional family therapy, a method for helping young people develop problem-solving skills to make better decisions and protect themselves against further challenges. We also provide trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and parent management training. Our Adult and Adolescent Behavioral Health Utah Clinic provides psychiatric diagnostics, consultation, psychological testing, therapy services and medication management.

Behavioral Health Utah Treatments

Pathways Real Life Recovery provides therapy programs for troubled teens and young adults, which offers hope and healing to families. We offer the following behavior health Utah treatments:
  • Conduct disorder
  • Academic underachievement: “Failure to launch”
  • Lack of motivation or direction
  • Family conflict or resistance to authority
  • Oppositional behaviors and defiant disorders
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Negative peer groups and poor self-esteem
  • Anxiety and mood instability
  • Substance abuse, addiction and addictive behaviors
  • Traits of personality disorders
  • Obsessive or compulsive behaviors
  • Eating disorders and body image distortion
  • Adoption and identity issues
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Reaction to traumatic experiences

Behavioral Health Utah - The Pathways Difference

At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we offer a highly personalized approach to every client, whether adolescent or adult, based on their individual needs and goals. We walk beside you to build up your confidence, and we help you learn that self-destructive behavior does not align with individuals who find the path to loving and valuing themselves.


Pathways Real Life Recovery is Available 24/7

Pathways Real Life Recovery provides comprehensive behavioral health services for individuals adolescent-aged through adulthood. You can feel confident that when you work with Pathways Real Life Recovery, you can call us 24/7 and reach a live therapist, not an answering machine. Our qualified team of doctors, therapists and counselors is here to serve you and assist you in your recovery journey. We accept insurance, and we offer a full range of comprehensive diagnostic and testing services to aid in your recovery.
Please contact Pathways Real Life Recovery today for a free individual assessment opportunity to gain the tools, skills, knowledge and ability to restructure the belief system that often sabotages our ability to gain the results we all truly deserve.

Recent Client Testimonial

"After my wife and I divorced, we started to feel disconnected from our daughter. Eventually, our daughter started getting involved with drugs and our relationship struggled even more. Trying to help here we came to Pathways and actually received a lot of help ourselves. We were coached in how to talk with our daughter in a way that she felt helped her, instead of pushed her further away. I can't say enough about the help we have received from pathways."
Written by: James D.
Teen Behavior Treatment
Date published: 04/22/2015
5 / 5 stars