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3 Tips for Ending a Pornography Addiction

As with any addiction, the first step towards recovery is an admission that you have a problem. It’s always difficult, and may even be embarrassing or even shaming to acknowledge, but if you find that a compulsive need to access internet pornography and is interfering with your life, then it may be time to seek help. With the right counseling, these self-destructive habits can be replaced by more positive behavior patterns, and fortunately, this advice is now widely available. But there are also practical things you can do to help yourself.

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Steps to Overcome Pornography Addiction

At a certain point, pornography viewing ceases to be merely a bad habit and becomes an obsessive-compulsive addiction. Those caught in this cycle can recognize the stages in their pornography viewing habits. From the initial sexual thoughts, a feeling of fear and a desire to avoid watching are triggered; despite these feelings, the compulsion to watch pornography is too great, leading to a sense of shame and guilt after watching. While a person trapped in this cycle will vow to never watch pornography again, sexual thoughts recur and lead to another round of this pattern.

If you recognize these symptoms of pornography addiction in yourself, here are the steps you can take to overcome your addiction.

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teen drug use statistics

Surprising Teen Drug Use Statistics


For many teens, the years between exiting high school and entering their early twenties becomes a time of experimentation and rebellion against societal expectations. Often, this experimentation includes the use of drugs and/or other intoxicating substances. But the types of drugs and frequency of usage is changing for today’s college-aged teens. Let’s examine some trends in usage among this group.

Up in Smoke

Cigarettes have been a ubiquitous rite of passage into adulthood for decades. Turning eighteen has signaled a change in expectations, rights, and freedoms with buying and smoking tobacco often playing a part in this ceremonial aging process. And it is no accident that tobacco companies heavily target this group in their ad campaigns. But now there is a new contender on the block, with marijuana becoming a more popular smoking substance than tobacco amongst college students. Of those polled through the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, 5.9% of students said they smoked marijuana regularly,  and only 5.2% reporting smoking cigarettes as regularly. Be it a more high-profile topic in medical news and politics, a more relaxed approach from society or a combination of the two, marijuana usage seems to be on the rise. It should also be noted that cigarette usage has been on a decline amongst these same age groups for over a decade now. Even conceding this caveat, it is evidently clear marijuana is seeing a rise in popularity across the country.

Alcohol Use Going to Pot

As you can probably imagine, alcohol is still very popular amongst college-aged adults. It’s availability and undeniable effects have helped to keep it a staple of many social gatherings and casual occasions. On an average day, 1.2 million college students will consume an alcoholic drink. Compared to roughly 700,000 students smoking pot per day, alcohol still has the bigger lead, but marijuana use is catching up. Some studies suggest that smoking marijuana, although mostly illegal in the U.S., is seen as less harmful or likely to lead to a hangover versus alcohol. Some students indicated that marijuana usage became their more popular choice as they grew older, as alcohol intoxication became less enjoyable. Overall, students choose alcohol more often, but this trend towards marijuana seems to be moving in much the same direction as that of cigarettes’ popularity. 

Pharmaceutical Drugs: A Prescription for Trouble

Possibly the most alarming aspect of teen drug usage is the sharp rise in prescription drug abuse over recent years. Either through availability or perceived necessity, more and more undergrads are taking prescription drugs. And, not surprisingly, more and more college students are reporting problems with substance use or abuse of prescription pills. In fact, more teens are dying of prescription pill overdoses than heroin and cocaine combined. These are staggering numbers, which show no signs of change.

Although much of our focus has been on a particular segment of the population, these trends can be echoed in numerous other demographic groups. For example, prescription drug abuse has affected almost every subset of our population in some way. Communities across the nation have seen opiate overdoses on a steady incline and illegal drug sales, often to compensate for a lack of prescription availability, similarly following these rising numbers. Drug usage amongst teens, college bound or not, is always an indication of future societal problems, as teens struggling with use and addiction are statistically more likely to continue their usage into adulthood.

If you have a teen or even pre-teen, talk to them about these issues. Parents who have frank discussions with their children about drug use and addiction lessen the chances of their children falling into these traps by almost 42%. Unfortunately, only about 25% of college-aged teens report that they have had these conversations with their parents. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, seek treatment now, before it’s too late.

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Coping With Seasonal Affective Disorder During the Holidays

It’s normal to feel moody every once in a while. However, not all moodiness should be considered normal. In countries that experience different seasons in a year such as winter, spring, autumn and summer, some people are prone to experiencing moodiness or depression during the same season each and every year.  This type of seasonal depression is commonly known as seasonal affective disorder.

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7 Unique New Year’s Resolutions to Help You While in Recovery

New Year’s resolutions are never about perfection, but rather making progress. It is difficult for many people to make New Year resolutions and abide by them for 365 days in a year, especially when their resolution concerns changing a habit they are used to or that is addictive. People need to realize that making a New Year’s resolution is only a tip of the iceberg. The whole iceberg emerges when it comes to the implementation of the resolution.

Resolutions are particularly a dilemma for people looking to enter recovery from certain addictions. Drug addiction, habit addiction, and any other forms of addiction defy the very nature of a person’s willingness, motivation and determination to quit. Addiction does not listen to you when you make that New Year resolution to stop using drugs, drinking alcohol, or even stopping the habit of watching pornography.  The resolution only holds for a while until the discomfort and urge to get back begins.

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The Importance of Gratitude in Recovery

Why are there billionaires who seem so dissatisfied with their lives, and then there are those who live with very little who feel like they have everything they need? The reason is simple,  Gratitude! Gratefulness is a mental attitude completely independent of our circumstances and it can be developed. For those who are recovering from addiction, cultivating this positive outlook helps assure their future success. Having a grateful perception of the world around us can change roadblocks into opportunities — the “bad” into “good”. Out of challenges spring the fountain of growth.

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halloween-utah 2016

7 Halloween Activities for Adults in Utah – 2016

Sober Halloween Activities in Utah

Many people drink on Halloween, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate this holiday. There are plenty of eventful activities taking place here in Utah that you can enjoy, without having to feel the need for intoxication to have a good time. All of them really capture the spirit of Halloween, and you don’t have to wait until 21 to do them, or give them up at any age.

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Inspirational Addiction Recovery Quotes

Sometimes the right words can lend us immediate and lasting strength. We’ve gathered a collection of inspiring addiction …

3 Tips for Ending a Pornography Addiction

As with any addiction, the first step towards recovery is an admission that you have a problem. It’s always difficult, …


Steps to Overcome Pornography Addiction

At a certain point, pornography viewing ceases to be merely a bad habit and becomes an obsessive-compulsive addiction. Those …