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Patient Satisfaction with Virtual Care

Patient Satisfaction with Telehealthcare

Telehealthcare adoption by both patients and doctors soared in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the need for a rapid shift in the way people access healthcare. The accelerated evolution of virtual healthcare is reflected in statistics from some of the world’s most respected researchers and consolidated in a data report from Wheel Health, Inc. The report highlights key 2020 medical industry trends. The telehealth statistics below illustrate the spectacular transformation of U.S. healthcare services in just one year, through virtual care adoption. The patient satisfaction data are especially remarkable.

11 Ways Behavioral Health Services Help People With Telemedicine- Pathways Real Life

11 Ways Behavioral Health Services Help People With Telemedicine

Untreated mental illness is a crisis in the United States. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) Over 20% of adults in the country have a mental illness, but only around 45% of those receive behavioral healthcare (2019). The lack of local access to mental health services, cost of treatment, societal stigma, and other factors contribute to the widespread inability to get treatment. Telehealthcare removes obstacles to receiving mental health care. Virtual therapy sessions are enabling more and more people with mental health issues to succeed in their lives.

Overcoming Obstacles to Substance Abuse Treatment in Utah

Overcoming Obstacles to Substance Abuse Treatment

Most people who need to seek substance abuse treatment don’t attempt to obtain professional help. There are typical obstacles that dishearten many people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, causing them to avoid seeking treatment or doubt their likelihood of lasting success after rehab. In some cases, individuals face a combination of these barriers to entering a substance abuse program. But, every individual who needs alcohol or drug addiction treatment should be able and willing to receive it.

Although some people succeed in turning away from abusing drugs or alcohol with just support from friends or family, there are over 20 million individuals struggling with addiction in the United States who need treatment in a substance abuse center in order to overcome their dependency. In those cases, their addiction may be too extreme, or they may have a strong genetic predisposition, or there may be mental health factors or other issues which require help from rehab professionals.

Best Drug & Alcohol Abuse and Depression Treatment Center in Utah

It’s Time to Change the Way We View and Treat Severe Depression

The struggle with depression has spanned across all the eras of humans, affecting all age groups, races, and economic classes. Our understanding of depression has evolved over the centuries. Earlier generations perceived depression as a character weakness or mood problem. Until recently, it was believed to be a mental condition. Current research findings suggest that professionals providing today's best treatment for depression will recognize it as an illness of the entire body. Depression has been viewed as a mental illness due to neurological chemical imbalances triggering various symptoms, including feelings of sadness, despair, and tendencies to agonize and sorrowfully dwell on negative thoughts. But, more recent medical evidence suggests that depression affects the whole body, causing both physical and mental effects. So, if you are experiencing severe depression, you should seek one of the most advanced depression treatment centers Utah offers, where the most up-to-date knowledge is being applied.

Proven Results for Opiate Addiction at Pathways Real Life Recovery, UT

Opioids: Overdoses Are More Frequent; Why Is This the Case?

Substance abuse and drug addiction are among the biggest problems facing modern society today. Unfortunately, opiate addiction is incredibly common. In a lot of situations, this addiction takes root following prescription medications. Opioid and narcotic drugs are only supposed to be used for short-term conditions. Unfortunately, many people end up relying on them to control chronic pain for prolonged amounts of time. Eventually, people get addicted to them. People may progress from prescription opioid medications to substances that are more deadly. Sadly, opioid overdoses are incredibly common. Why is this the case? What makes them different from other medications?

Why Choose Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre?- Pathway Real Life Recovery, Utah

Why Choose Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Among the various issues facing the modern healthcare system today, drug and alcohol abuse are among the biggest problems. In the past, there was a significant stigma that surrounded addiction and substance abuse. Thankfully, the stigma has started to lift. As a result, more resources have been poured into helping those who struggle with addiction and substance abuse. One option that is available now is residential rehab. First, you need to understand the basics of residential drug and alcohol rehab and residential rehab centers’ benefits.

Outpatient & Inpatient Mental Health Services- Pathways Real Life Recovery

Neuroscience Reveals: Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain to be Happier

The act of practicing gratitude, saying thank you to someone who has helped you or saying thank you to the universe for good things that happen, can make you a happier, healthier person. It's true. Psychologists at the University of California at Davis and the University of Miami published a paper in 2003 to examine what happens to our bodies when we practice gratitude. The results might surprise you!


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