Pathways Real Life Recovery offers a variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs and behavioral therapy aimed at helping those suffering from mental health disorders, addictions, or co-occurring disorders. Pathways offers a full continuum of care and therapy in Utah. From residential treatment & day treatment options to intensive outpatient and general outpatient treatment. Regardless of the difficulties our clients are facing within themselves, relationships or family units, Pathways finds a wholeness solution through research-based principles that integrate self-awareness, strengthening tools, belief restructuring, and healing. Our clients develop the tools and skills to integrate into their lives to change patterns of behavior. We are committed to supporting and encouraging our clients and their loved ones throughout their individual journeys towards healing and change.

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Women's and Men's Residential Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers in Utah

Drug treatment programs photo -  Pathways Real Life Recovery alcohol treatment programsPathways Supportive Living Center is a safe-haven for women or men seeking positive change through sober recovery. Our exclusive programs are designed to work with and deal with issues that are specific to women or to men suffering from alcoholism, trauma, or substance abuse problems.
Choosing to stay with us is the first step towards a successful recovery and a foundation upon which you can build your future on. You will be able to rely on our support and form meaningful friendships with other residents as you recover.
At our residential treatment centers in Utah, you are surrounded by people just like you on a journey such as yours, this gives you much-needed structure. Additionally, we provide the tools, skills, and abilities that are necessary to recover and thrive. Learn more about Pathways Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for Women and our Inpatient Men's Residential Rehabilitation Programs in Utah.

RTC (Residential 24/7)

Residential addiction treatment program - Residential treatment center for addiction in UtahPathways Wholeness center is a live-in private facility in scenic Glenwood, Utah that provides alcohol treatment programs, drug treatment programs, 24-hour therapy for substance abuse, mental illness, & other behavioral conditions. Residential treatment gives you the ability to be removed from possible toxic environments that prevent you from becoming healthy and whole. Pathways Wholeness Center has a social detox element that can assist in detoxing our clients off of harmful drugs or alcohol and have also added NAD-IV therapy. By utilizing a number of custom activities and research-based therapies we can assist you to become healthy and whole in all aspects of life. Learn more about Utah Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment at Pathways and inpatient mental health disorder treatment

Day Treatment Program (PHP)

Day treatment is a great transition for individuals leaving residential drug or alcohol treatment programs who have more work to do on their recovery journeys. Day treatment is a partial-hospitalization program for adults and teens that consists of 25 hours per week of groups and/or services each week. It is more intensive than an outpatient program, but unlike residential programs, those in recovery return to their homes each night.
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IOP (Intensive Outpatient)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program was designed to work around your personal schedule. We have after-hours and weekend groups. We understand the need for flexibility when scheduling appointments. Our IOP program can range from 9 to 15 hours per week depending on your needs.
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GOP (General Outpatient)

General Outpatient is the lowest level of support utilized to maintain sobriety. GOP services are usually recommended after a person completes a PHP and an IOP recovery program. General Outpatient teaches people to recognize their triggers, stop cravings, prevent relapse, and manage recovery for life!
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Teen Treatment Programs

Our adolescent services don't just treat addiction, but safely get to the root cause of your teen's behavior. We meet every client where they are in their life, and then create a customized alcohol or drug treatment program that is unique to your teenager. Pathways integrate the family to strengthen and repair current issues that may hinder the healing process, enabling clients to begin the empowering process of change.
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Utah Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center with Customized Treatment Programs

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, Pathways Real Life Recovery drug and alcohol treatment center programs are tailored to fit each individual's needs. Learn more about Pathways Real Life Recovery's customized addiction treatment programs.

Listen to CEO and Founder, Michelle Amerman, Discuss Our Unique Approach.

Drug treatment program CEO photo - Pathways Real Life Recovery Salt Lake City, Utah
Recorded on the Paul Duane Show Feb 2015.

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Drug treatment programs and alcohol treatment programs designed around each unique clients needs. For more information about our residential treatment facilities and outpatient addiction treatment centers in Utah, don't hesitate to contact Pathways Real Life Recovery today.