Group therapy - Utah Mental Health Treatment Services

Each individual will have an initial assessment for the development of a customized treatment plan for their recovery and healing.

Pathway Real Life Recovery's premier mental health services are driven by our client's goals and needs. Our caring therapists are experienced in helping you work through challenges with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, abuse, marriage, family, and addiction issues. No matter what you struggle with, we will help you discover how you can live up to your full potential.

Discovery of "who am I" will manifest and begin to take shape. Self-Discovery influences the restructuring and changing of the individual's self-limiting beliefs. Phase One's emphasis is towards gratitude, recognizing desire, understanding hope, engaging in honesty and taking control of choice.

Outpatient and Inpatient Mental Health Services in Utah

Pathways Real Life Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient care for those dealing with mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, OCD, PTSD, and other personality disorders. Our treatment methods are clinically proven and can consist of group counseling, individual counseling, skill-building sessions, experiential activities, and professional therapies.

Finding Meaning and Freedom in Your Life

During phase two, emphasis will be placed on making healthy choices & applying the action to make healthy choices. This will construct a constant and positive change. Becoming consciously competent with healthy choices and applying the action to achieve a positive change will inevitably instill and reinforce fulfillment and integrity. Self-Discovery and positive Self-Affirmation to propel the addicted individual's newly found belief structure. With this newly found belief structure, the addict will then be challenged with triggers that are typically avoided when in a traditional residential or in-patient treatment program. Due to the individuals, conscious recognition of self, choice and belief structures trigger-stoppers will now be on the surface in order for the individual to maintain their new feeling of empowerment, belief, and confidence.

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