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Pathways Supportive Living is a residential recovery center for women. It is a safe haven for women seeking positive change through a safe and healthy living environment that supports a life of meaning and freedom. Our exclusive women’s program at Pathways is designed to heal women suffering with alcoholism, trauma, or substance abuse problems. Located in West Jordan, Utah, our sober living home is not just a place to live, it is a place to begin a new life for yourself. Our home gives you a place to start fresh, to reclaim the life you have envisioned, and to inspire the growth and change you long for.

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Women’s Rehab Inspiring Growth and Change

We provide our women residents with an environment that inspires growth and change in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Additionally, we provide the tools, skills, and abilities that are necessary to recover. Our professional staff, most of whom are recovered themselves, surround you with understanding and compassion. They set a wonderful example of the benefits of living a sober, successful, and healthy lifestyle. Pathways has a beautiful recovery residence that features:
  • Bed Capacity: 6
  • Square Footage: 3000
  • Cost: $2,300 to $2,700 per month
  • Length of stay: 90 days or longer
Woman's support group - Pathways Residential Recovery for Recovering Women in Utah

5 Benefits of Choosing a Women's Residential Recovery Center

When you are in need of help, our women's residential drug rehab and alcoholism treatment centers offer a safe haven where recovery can begin. Why is it so important to choose a women’s recovery center? There are many reasons that include the nature of women and how the residential drug rehab centers can create a very personal plan just for you.

Letting the Environment Nurture You

Women are natural nurturers. Imagine a place where everyone is a nurturer. The caring and friendship of other women can help you to feel safe and to explore many of your feelings and the reasons behind your problem. Women form bonds that become a community, and that can help to strengthen your resolve and help you to have less of a chance of relapse. Women often seek out a community, and women's only inpatient rehab centers, they have one. The bonds they forge can make this journey much more pleasant and comfortable.

Feeling Safe in Inpatient Rehab

Most of the women develop addictions because of the men in their lives. From violence perpetrated by a man to sexual abuse, there are many starting points for addiction. Many women feel uncomfortable talking about these issues when men are around. They may be embarrassed by what they've been through or simply not feel comfortable sharing when men are present. With a women-only inpatient drug rehab center, they can feel safe and secure in their environment and get to the root of their addiction problems.

Women's Issues

Men are built differently from women, and they lead different lives. With a women-only environment for residential rehab, the other people who are recovering will understand your specific problems. The drugs used by women are often different from those that men tend to abuse. Women may also have a lot of issues surrounding their children, feeling shame for their problem and fear that they lose their children. With so many women worried about family responsibilities, it can be nice for other women to tell a patient that they deserve to be there to concentrate on their recovery. In addition, many women have secondary issues to deal with like eating disorders. Only other women understand many of these issues.

Physical Differences

Women have different biology that can result in becoming addicted quicker than men. While a man might not understand how or why you became addicted so quickly, other women will have lived the same experience. The metabolization of drugs and alcohol is faster in women, leading to a biologically faster tendency toward addiction. With a community who has lived these facts, you can expect not to feel so ashamed of your addiction. Whether it's inpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab, the community will be there to listen and understand.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

For women, many issues come up when working toward recovery. These can include their sense of shame because of their problem and self-esteem issues. Women's inpatient rehab centers use a multidisciplinary program to offer women treatment for all of the issues that lead to addiction. These include:

When You’re Here, You’re Home

We provide an environment that makes all women feel comfortable and secure. You can take part in weekly group meetings, regular one-on-one Recovery Specialist Sessions, and a host of other activities in between. Our strength-based program helps the client learn to love themselves, re-structure self-sabotaging beliefs, and assist the resident with their daily vision to recover. You have the support of like-minded peers to lean on and the ability to learn from the advice and input of our staff and residents on how to rebuild the life you want. We consider each new member a part of our family when they choose to utilize our outpatient program. When you are here, you are home. There are so many reasons for women to choose Pathways women's drug treatment center in Utah. From the nurturing environment to the specifics of women's problems, every aspect of your treatment can be created and personalized for your specific recovery journey. If you're looking for a Utah residential rehab centergive us a call to find out more about us and how we can help you along your treatment journey.

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