The Intensive Outpatient Program at Pathways Real Life Recovery is for teens and adults working to overcome chemical dependency to drugs or alcohol, psychiatric conditions such as major depressive disorders and borderline personality disorder, or dual-diagnosis for both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder.

To achieve sustained recovery, we help individuals deal with their combination of trauma, anger, depression, grief, shame, and guilt. We meet the needs of individuals in recovery from a whole-person perspective that incorporates aspects of physical, emotional, and psychological development, while also building a support system with family and friends. If you or a loved one is trapped in a never-ending cycle of destructive habits due to addiction or a mental health condition, Pathways can help empower you with the skills and insight for long-term success.

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Group Therapy Sessions in Utah - Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Our Intensive Outpatient Program will consist of 9 to 15 hours per week of individual and group therapy sessions, relapse prevention learning, recreational activities, and skill-building while you return home each night to tend to your responsibilities. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to work around your personal schedule with after-hours and weekend groups available. 

Pending assessment, we may recommend intensive outpatient for those who:

  • Do not require supervised medical detoxification from drugs or alcohol
  • Live within a reasonable distance from Pathways Real Life Recovery
  • Have completed a residential treatment or day treatment (PHP) program and are seeking additional support in early recovery

The therapeutic goal of an intensive outpatient program is to keep you focused and safe while you transition from residential treatment to a general outpatient program or home. Through Pathways, you and your loved ones create a source of light, strength, confidence, and peace. This is the key to true, lasting recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Care Treating Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Alcohol Abuse

Sometimes in our journey through life we get lost due to addictive or destructive habits. Pathways Real Life Recovery is here to support, encourage, and guide you back to a path of success and sobriety, while creating a roadmap for lifelong well-being.

Do you want true and lasting recovery? Call Pathways Real Life (801) 895-3006 for 24/7 assistance.