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Welcome to Pathways Supportive Living, a safe place for men seeking positive change through recovery. Our exclusive men’s program at Pathways is designed to work with and deal with issues that are specific to men suffering from alcohol or substance abuse problems, as well as trauma and mental health.

Located in Sandy, Utah, we provide a safe and healthy living environment that supports a life of meaning and freedom. We serve each individual personally and the program is designed specifically to address your needs. Our sober community is not just a place to live, it is a place to begin a new life for yourself. Our home gives you a place to start fresh, to reclaim the life you have envisioned, and to inspire the growth and change you’re working on.

Pathways Supportive Living is a safe place exclusively for men suffering from alcohol or substance abuse to work through their unique problems and to deal with trauma or mental health challenges. Men and women sometimes need to deal with different kinds of issues, both in overcoming addiction and in maintaining sobriety. So, having drug rehabilitation treatments tailored for men can improve the overall experience in recovery, which can lead to greater success in overcoming addiction.

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Why Gender-Specific Rehab is Often Better for Men

A gender-specific program enables men to complete recovery in a relaxing environment, free from distractions, in just the company of other men. Men who enter drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs all have different needs. The advantages of a gender-specific addiction treatment program include the opportunity to deal with men's unique requirements for getting and staying drug- or alcohol-free.
Men often live under extreme pressure as fathers, husbands, caregivers, and professionals. A program of men's drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments is designed with an understanding of the emotions men experience in getting free from drugs or alcohol and learning to cope with their emotions, which is essential to helping ensure long-term sobriety.
Men often feel more comfortable in gender-specific rehab, and feeling more relaxed during treatment is more likely to lead to a lasting recovery.
Additional benefits of men’s addiction treatment include:
  • Addressing specifically male issues, such as masculinity and sexuality.
  • Communication that is more open and clear.
  • A more comfortable environment than may be possible in mixed-gender addiction treatment.
  • Freedom from a sense of judgment, which can lead to easier and more productive discussions.
  • Opportunity for lasting acquaintances with other men who relate to your experience.

Kinds of Therapy for Men's Addiction Treatment

Each individual's addiction treatment program at Pathways is customized to address their personal needs. The various forms of addiction therapy provided offer each man a comprehensive approach to his recovery. The Pathways addiction treatment method includes these, among other therapy options:
Men often live under extreme pressure as fathers, husbands, caregivers, and professionals. A program of men's drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments is designed with an understanding of the emotions men experience in getting free from drugs or alcohol and learning to cope with their emotions, which is essential to helping ensure long-term sobriety.
  • Addiction Counseling — Men's addiction counseling helps in facing issues men may struggle with, such as anger management, domestic violence, relationship counseling, and others.
  • Behavioral Therapy — This kind of treatment can involve dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other types, to meet a wide range of specific needs.
  • Alternative Therapy — These therapies can include physical exercise, adventure therapy, and other optional treatments that have been found to help men with addiction recovery.
  • Life Skills Therapy — In this therapy, men can develop job skills, parenting skills, and other life skills they may need to help them live a more productive life beyond addiction treatment.
  • Family TherapyTherapy for families can help people develop a better understanding of their loved one’s addiction, and they can learn the best ways to support a family member in recovery.
Some of Pathway's addiction programs for men provide dual diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from simultaneous disorders, such as drug addiction and depression, alcoholism and anxiety, or PTSD, ADHD, for example.

How Does Pathways Addiction Treatment for Men Work?

An addiction treatment program designed for men can help you move beyond treatment to live with confidence in your long-term freedom from drug or alcohol abuse. Treatment works best by helping men change self-sabotaging beliefs and learn to love themselves. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. In our Pathways addiction recovery program for men:
  • Each client works with recovery specialists, to set up a personalized treatment program that meets his unique needs and his own vision for his recovery.
  • You can join house meetings weekly, have one-on-one sessions with addiction recovery specialists, have routine case management discussions, touch base daily with house managers, and take advantage of a wide range of other activities in the meantime.
  • Our focus is on examining the sense of inner value, not on treating symptoms of addiction in men. We concentrate on helping clients succeed in change from within.
  • We help develop the skills, tools, and strengths necessary for sustained recovery.
  • Most of our professional team have been through their own recovery, so you're among people who relate to your experience with addiction.
  • The Pathways addiction recovery facility is a beautiful home, with just five beds, and a huge fenced backyard for barbeques and relaxing and having fun. Stays are for 90 days or more.
Our method of addiction treatment involves helping you succeed in restructuring your beliefs about yourself, so you don't continue holding your past against yourself and being trapped by it. We know how to help men break their internal vicious cycle of guilt and self-shaming, and learn to make changes toward a more fulfilling life.
We treat every client with dignity and respect and love. Plus, you have the benefit of support from other men working to overcome addiction too, as you learn how to rebuild your self-image and move beyond treatment to live your life as you want to.

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Pathways Real Life Recovery, Sandy Utah

Pathways is a Utah addiction recovery treatment and mental health counseling center. Our gender-specific treatment programs address addiction to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol, and co-occurring issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, or other needs for mental health services.
Our highly experienced addiction treatment staff includes: Alcohol Addiction Specialists, Medical Doctors (MD), Addictionologist (MD), Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors (LMFT), Recovery Specialists, Trauma professionals, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), among others.
All members of our team are available 24/7. So, you will always reach a therapist, not a voicemail recording or answering service. We want people who need help overcoming addiction, or who have a family member who is struggling with addiction, to know that we're here to help you, anytime. We offer:

Inspiring Growth and Change for Men

We provide our residents with an environment that inspires growth and change in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Additionally, we provide the tools, skills, and abilities that are necessary to recover. Our professional staff, most of whom are recovered themselves, surround you with understanding and compassion. They set a wonderful example of the benefits of living a sober, successful, and healthy lifestyle. Pathways Supportive Living for men has a beautiful home with a total of five beds and a huge fenced backyard for BBQs and fun. Pathways beautiful recovery residence features:
  • Bed Capacity: 5
  • Length of stay: 90 days or longer

When You're Here, You're Home

We provide a residential recovery environment that makes men feel comfortable and secure. You can take part in weekly house meetings, one-on-one recovery specialist sessions, have regular case management, and daily check in’s with house managers, and a host of other activities in between. Our strength-based program helps the client learn to love themselves, re-structure self-sabotaging beliefs, and assist the resident with their daily vision to recover.
You have the support of like-minded male peers to lean on and the ability to learn from the advice and input of our staff and residents on how to rebuild the life you want. We consider each new member a part of our family when they choose to utilize our outpatient program. When you are here, you are at home.

For More Information or a Free Consultation

Some men may hesitate to start addiction recovery treatment because they've been conditioned to believe they should never need help with anything. But, for men who want control of their lives, reaching out for help to overcome an addiction is the wisest and bravest decision you can make.
Pathways Real Life Recovery rehab center in Sandy, UT is the best drug rehab Utah has to offer for men's addiction recovery and mental health counseling. We are here to help you with all aspects of your recovery, every step of the way.

Start with a free consultation whenever you're ready. Just call us at (801) 895-3006 anytime 24/7, or make an appointment online.

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