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Pathways Real Life Recovery represents the power to change. Choosing to free yourself from alcohol or drug addiction is a big step toward a fresh start, and we’re here to support you on this journey. We’ll give you personalized tools to stop addiction and add new meaning to your life while rebuilding areas that are broken. Whether you’re searching for information for yourself, a loved one, or have been mandated to participate in a recovery program, Pathways is ready to help. We treat all our patients like they are family and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

If you are just discovering the power of drug rehab, you may have a lot of questions. This guide will walk you through our philosophy, what we expect from our patients as they build a clean and sober life, and the steps you can take to prepare for one of the most life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. Our center takes a holistic approach that strengthens your body, mind, and spirit as you grow through rehabilitation to ensure enduring success. We are dedicated to your health and help you explore the cause of addiction rather than simply treating the symptoms or behavior. Pathways is a judgment-free center that puts your recovery needs first.

Do I, Or A Loved One, Really Need Addiction Rehabilitation?

Recognizing addiction is the first step to recovery. The fact that you’re here, seeking answers, is a great step toward success. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol, drug, or behavioral addiction, we invite you to speak with a Pathways advisor to determine whether our treatment is right for you.

Our website also offers a variety of free resources to help you spot the signs of addiction and prepare to take action. We provide articles, testimonials, information, and even a preliminary, online addiction assessment to help you evaluate your situation. These resources are a wonderful place to start, but should never substitute professional addiction support when breaking free from substance abuse.

Pathways advisers are available via phone or email to answer questions and help you make an informed treatment decision. If you feel that your life or a loved one’s life has become unmanageable due to a dependency on drugs or alcohol, Pathways will help you find the recovery tools you need.

What Is Pathways’ Drug Rehab Treatment?

Rehabilitation starts with you. Pathways simply give you the tools to take back control of your life and stop addictive behavior. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” treatment model, and work beside you to build a personalized recovery plan that targets your addiction. Pathways integrates the family to strengthen and repair current issues that may hinder the healing process.

To help you reach your goals, we rely on a multi-systemic recovery approach that leverages psychological counseling, medical treatment, individual or group therapy, spiritual guidance, vocational coaching, and – most importantly – your dedication to living a sober life to break the cycle of addiction. We know that a single mother of four with a prescription drug dependency needs us to show up in a different way than a college-aged student who is struggling with alcohol and methamphetamine addiction. Our Master level counselors know how to spot your needs and will coach you through every step of the way.

Recovery can be a challenging process that requires deep commitment and hard work, but rehabilitation treatment ensures you have the support you need no matter what your mindset or physical dependency is.

Why Pathways?

At Pathways, we balance cutting-edge medical support, such as hormone and gene testing, with behavioral counseling to build a spirit of gratitude, honesty, action, integrity, and service that will bring you or your loved one peace. We understand that addiction is a disease and know how real your struggle can be. When hope seems lost, Pathways is here to help. Many of our staff and counselors have been where you are now and are living proof of what life can be like free from addiction. Pathways puts you at the center of recovery, providing 24/7 support to ensure your hard work leads to success.

Drug Addictions Treated at Pathways Real Life Recovery Center


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Recent Client Testimonial


“I got the help I needed at Pathways. The things that the therapists taught me, and helped me develop in my own life have really allowed me to grow and learn to appreciate myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of the entire staff at Pathways, and for that I am grateful. If anyone is considering getting help for a drug addiction, Pathways is the best place to get it. They will not only help you overcome addiction, but also change your life and how you view yourself.”

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