Pathways Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center


Pathways Wholeness Center is a special place to recover in the heart of south-central Utah. Nestled in Glenwood, this serene location is safe, private and perfect for those seeking a successful extended care addiction treatment program.

Pathways residential treatment center is strategically located to take full advantage of the tranquil surrounding nature with many of the holistic and experiential treatment programs taking place outdoors. This beautiful facility is located within a short drive of many beautiful lakes, 3 national forests and 5 national parks.

Our private and secluded location gives us the ability to build drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment programs designed around each unique client’s needs. Pathways puts great focus on the family system and how to overcome unhealthy beliefs, which often interfere with their loved one’s ability to sustain long-term change.

Regardless if the issue is within an individual, relationship or family unit – Pathways finds a wholeness solution through a 4-phase structure; awareness, strengthening, restructuring, and healing. With 30 hours of group times and 2 to 3 individual sessions per week, our system implements life principles that allow the client and family to heal, strengthen, and fully recover. The daily schedule will incorporate fitness, yoga, meditation, and many outdoor experiential therapies. Our treatment team focuses on a client’s strengths and their input on their pathway to recovery.

Social Detox

pathways-inpatientThe pain and discomfort caused by the withdrawal of drugs or alcohol can be extremely dangerous or even lead to death with high levels of benzodiazepine

or alcohol. In those cases, a full medical detox in a hospital setting is required. For those situations that do not require full medical detox, the pain and discomfort can prevent those seeking help from entering a treatment program.

Pathways has established a comprehensive social detoxification program that addresses needs of those who do not assess to a medical level of detox and are seeking treatment for drugs and alcohol but are experiencing pain and discomfort from withdrawal symptoms.

Social Detoxification Program is a short-term non-medical treatment service for those who are in an intoxicated state or withdrawing from alcohol or drugs. At Pathways, social detoxification patients are assisted in easing their withdrawal symptoms in a drug-free, safe and comfortable space with an emphasis on helping the individual obtain further care after detoxification through the continuum of care.

The goal at Pathways is to offer a positive detox experience that promotes a healthy and whole life.  Each member of the Pathways team will be in a position to influence the patient’s direction and attitude about a healthy and whole life of sobriety.  Through their individual experiences, their desire to help others, and their willingness to offer care that is nonjudgmental, kind, and compassionate. We are committed to supporting and encouraging our patients, and their loved ones, in their individual journeys toward healing and change.


Pathways Wholeness Center

189 E Center Street

Glenwood, UT 84730


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