Sober Living in Utah

3 Friends Discussing - Sober Recovery Process - Pathways Real Life RecoveryPathways Real Life Recovery understands that the path to living sober is challenging and that is why our homes provide strong support and encouragement to aid in continued recovery. Based near Salt Lake City, our treatment approach strengthens and empowers those who come to our Utah facility on their quest for sobriety. Sober living homes provide freedom to resume normal activities such as work or school, while at the same time, being a supportive place to transition back to their normal homes and make sober friends with other residents.

To get more information about Utah sober recovery or our treatment programs, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery at 801-895-3006. We are available 24/7 to help answer your questions.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are an intermediate environment between rehab and living independently where residents maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol. These places used to be referred to as halfway houses and operate as co-living spaces where residents live with others on the same recovery journey, meaning that there is someone to share meals, someone to talk to, someone to go to meetings with, and this can be a real make-or-break factor to staying sober. Those in sober living homes have already completed a drug or alcohol treatment program and detox; it is a form of ongoing support. Sober living homes help clients create a new healthy routine outside the strict regiment of inpatient care.

Sober recovery clients pay rent and contribute to housework. Residents may be required to maintain a job, go to school, perform volunteer work, or develop new sober hobbies. Residents will observe curfews and participate in random breathalyzer and drug tests three times weekly. When entering our sober living houses, clients agree to follow certain rules and acknowledge there are consequences for not following rules. A case manager works closely with each client to track their progress on a variety of goals.

How Does the Treatment Process Begin?

Pathways works with the person suffering from addiction, as well as their family and support network. When you contact us, we set up an appointment at a convenient time to discuss the challenges that a loved one faces. We offer free initial assessments that allow us to explore the best way to confront the addictions to get them on a track to living sober once again. These initial conversations are important because our team knows that a “one-size fits all” approach never works. By understanding the types of addictions and the other situations in a person’s life, we can develop a personalized treatment program that best serves them.

Contact Pathways to Begin the Sober Recovery Process in Utah

Our solution-based approach is recognized by most insurance companies. Although we cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid at this time, we do take private insurance and offer financing options  that make our services affordable. We understand that family members are going through a difficult period as their loved one suffers from addiction. Our doctors, therapists, counselors, and recovery specialists will work with the patient and their family to develop the best approach to restore sobriety and strengthen bonds. To embark on a path of sober recovery, contact us today.

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