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Are you or your loved one struggling with substance abuse or any other form of addiction? Pathways Real Life Recovery is an addiction recovery center in Utah, offering a wide range of treatment options for people battling addiction. With skilled, caring and experienced professionals, modern facilities and a serene environment, we combine both traditional and modern approaches to treatment. We offer group therapy to allow our patients to share experiences and encourage them in their path to full recovery. Book an appointment today for a free consultation.

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy typically involves one or more therapists working with a number of individuals. This practice is widely used for a number of different therapeutic reasons. Group Therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for several conditions such as anger management, conventional therapy, and drug/alcohol abuse. Group therapy is one among the many treatment plans offered by our recovery center in Utah. Simply put, the treatment plan involves a therapist bringing together several people with similar issues. The participants meet regularly to interact, describe and discuss their problems in a safe and controlled environment. When group therapy is professionally supervised, the participants will understand their disorder more deeply and offer each other the support they need to stay on the road to recovery. Group therapy can be combined with other treatment options to ensure effectiveness and long-term sobriety.

Types of Group Therapy

There are different types of group therapy, each with its own set of benefits. At Pathways Real Life Recovery, our experts will recommend the model that will best meet your individual needs. Depending on the severity of addiction and the stage of group therapy, patients can benefit from psychoeducational groups, skill development groups, cognitive-behavioral therapy groups, support groups, and interpersonal process groups.

What to Expect with Our Group Meetings

There is a lot that both family members and people in recovery can expect from the group meetings that we offer at our Utah recovery center. The first thing participants will do once they show up for a meeting is to state their names. Apart from getting to know each other, participants will feel safe and more at ease, setting the stage for warm interaction. Group members will also have a chance to describe and discuss their individual problems. This allows them to learn from each other’s experiences, know how to avoid common triggers and have a deeper understanding of how addiction affects their lives.

Group therapy meetings have a leader who helps keep members on track. The forum is an opportunity for patients to ask questions, get advice and seek the opinion of their peers. This kind of support base is important for people suffering from addiction in SLC.

Our various group therapy activities such as parties and social events teach patients how to have fun in a drug-free environment. The activities also encourage those on the recovery path to building valuable and long-lasting friendships with their peers, a factor that ultimately helps them to maintain long-term sobriety.

The Benefits of Group Therapy in Treating Substance Use Disorders

Group Therapy Discussion - Pathways Real Life Recovery in UtahThe benefits of group therapy are numerous. It allows people who are new to treatment to interact with people who are farther along and allows them to see the positive effects it has had on them. In addition, it allows the individual to see that they are not alone in their plight. Individuals are given a platform to discuss their successes and boost self-esteem and encouragement. Likewise, they are able to share their slip-ups and failures and receive encouragement to continue on the right path. Our SLC group therapy sessions help patients to value themselves, effectively delivering long-term change. Here are some benefits of group therapy that our clients enjoy in their quest to become healthy, whole people again:

Companionship – with the loneliness that characterizes addiction, our patients have the great company of their peers. Patients get to meet others who understand them, face similar issues and cheer them on.

Getting social – group therapy encourages communication and interaction. People suffering from addiction discuss their problems and get to build solid friendships and support.

Knowledge and insight – these sessions equip participants with knowledge and skills relating to anger management, relapse prevention, nutrition, and social skills without feeling uncomfortable or being defensive.

Accountability – the closely-knit community that these groups create makes participants more responsible and accountable for staying on the recovery course.

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Join Our Addiction Recovery Group Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah at Pathways Real Life Recovery

There are many ways through which you can find and join an addiction recovery group in Utah. However, it is important to ensure that the addiction group therapy offered will meet the needs of the individual grappling with addiction. When considering group therapy in Utah you should be mindful of your treatment preferences, the patient’s emotional stability and the stage in recovery.

Pathways Real Life Recovery understands that the journey to full recovery is laden with challenges. As a treatment center that uses a family integration approach, we aim to make your life and that of your loved one easier. This is why we accept insurance, offer financing and seek to offer satisfactory services to our clients in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kindly contact us today to learn how we can help you recover from depression and different types of addiction.