Teen in Therapy - Teen Therapy and Teen Counseling in UtahAre you struggling to find teen therapy or teen counseling in Utah? Even if you live in an area with many counselors, it can be hard to find the right one for your teen and their specific needs. Not every therapist and not every treatment center specializes in teen therapy.

Here at Pathways, we make working with teens our goal and use a variety of approaches because we know that every teen is different. What might work for one teen might not work at all for a different teen. We have on staff different mental health counselors with different styles:

    • Alcohol Addiction Specialists,
    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW),
    • Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors (LMFT),
    • Medical Doctors (MD),
    • Addictionologist (MD),
    • Recovery Specialists,
    • Life Coaches,
    • Self-Esteem Experts,
    • and EMDR (Trauma) professionals.

Together we work as a team to find the right approach to your child and the problems they face in today's challenging, fast-paced environment. If you’re searching for teen counseling and teen therapy in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, call us today for a free assessment to find out how we can help your teen learn to thrive from the inside out.

How Do I Know if My Teenager Needs Counseling and Therapy?

Many parents want to know when it’s time for them to get help for their teenager. It's hard to know when your teen is just going through normal developmental changes and when they need more help than you can give them. Here are a few signs to look out for that may mean they need extra support and professional engagement:

  • Your teen is using alcohol or drugs: A little experimentation may happen at social events, but when your teen is regularly using drugs and alcohol, this could be a sign of addiction or other underlying problems that your teen is struggling with.
  • Your teen is hurting themselves or others or making threats to do so: Violence and self-harm are one way for teens to tell a story. Self-harm and violence are a message that teens are in pain, hurting, feeling helpless, overwhelmed by their emotions or life situations, and don't know what else to do.
  • Your teen's anxiety or depression is getting in the way of everyday life: Emotions are a normal part of the everyday human experience. However, if your teen has depression or anxiety and their emotions are keeping them from going to school, socializing, or even taking care of themselves and achieving life goals, it's time to seek professional help.
  • Your teen is not getting enough sleep: Teens need plenty of sleep to keep up with their growing bodies and minds. There are many reasons why a teen might not be getting enough sleep, such as racing thoughts, internet use or addiction, anxiety, or drug abuse. Lack of sleep can be an indicator of more serious issues.
  • Acting out at school, work, or home: Your child's personality seems to have changed overnight. Your sweet, good-natured child is now a defiant teen who won't attend class, do homework, work, or clean up after him or herself. Arguing, avoiding, yelling, provoking, and even physical violence can indicate a need for psychological help.
  • Home life is becoming very difficult with your teen around: If you and other family members find yourself walking on eggshells when your teen is home, stress levels are very high, and nothing really works, it might be time for an outside intervention. Everyone deserves peace in their home, and if you have exhausted all your resources, it's okay to get help.

What Types Of Therapy and Counseling For Teens Work Best?

Here at Pathways, we don't use a cookie cutter approach with our clients because we believe every teen is unique, with different stories, needs, and concerns. The following are a few of the research-based treatment modalities that work well with teens in our many years of treating them:

  • Individual Counseling: Individual counseling provides a safe, confidential space for your teen to talk about anything. This gives your teen the time and attention where he or she can explore their life, find healthier coping skills, and learn new tools for thriving.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a solution-focused, goal-oriented approach to changing unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has been found to treat a wide variety of problems ranging from depression to bipolar disorder. The main focus is to educate clients about their emotions and how to regulate them.
  • Teen Group Therapy: Research has shown that teen group therapy is a very powerful tool for inspiring change in clients. We all know the impact that peers have on teens. In group therapy, that impact is a positive one, reducing stigma and isolation, and empowering lasting, beneficial change.

What Makes Pathways Real Life Recovery So Effective For Teen Therapy and Teen Counseling Services in SLC?

Adolescence is an important time in a person's life. What happens during the teenage years can affect someone their whole life. We are not here to judge, but to help people become healthy and whole. We don't define a client by their symptoms but on their personal dignity and value. We know that the greatest change comes from within. We don't let the past keep our clients from having a bright future. At Pathways Real Life Recovery Center, healing and wholeness are possible for every client. If you are ready to help your teen thrive in wholeness and healing, give us a call today. We are located in Sandy, Utah and accept most forms of insurance, as well as financing options.