No one reaches the point of addiction by the same path, and no one's journey to recovery follows carbon copies of anyone else either. Applying a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery fails to take into account the individual mental health and substance abuse history, needs, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Effective treatment facilities don't work on a conveyor belt principle -- they devise custom rehab treatment plans based around the individual rather than a cookie-cutter blueprint.

At Pathways Real Life Recovery, our Sandy, Utah and Glenwood, Utah teams work with you to create an addiction treatment plan that works for you and your schedule with day or evening options. We provide individuals with personalized drug rehab and alcoholism treatment that yields far better results than traditional options. Call us 24/7 at 801-895-3006 to reclaim the life you desire.

Individualized Therapy Options

Treatment involves 5 hours of treatment, plus a meeting each week with your primary therapist and recovery specialist. Your treatment plan may involve a combination of the following:
  • Detox rids your system of drugs and alcohol to allow the body to adapt to life without being dependent. Suboxone and Vivitrol may by provided under physician supervision.
  • Belief Restructuring to learn new skills to handle triggers, prevent relapse, and alter perceptions about your life that weigh you down.
  • Individual Counseling to help clients understand their addiction, it’s effects, and healthy ways of dealing with issues.
  • Family Counseling to involve your support system to help them understand how to empower your recovery and how their actions might affect your ability to do remain sober.
  • Group Therapy offers peer support and encouragement from others who are in the same boat as you.
  • Recreational Therapy gives clients the chance to practice social skills in a healthy setting and develop sober hobbies.
  • Music and Art Therapy can help clients express and explore their feelings and emotions in a non-verbal way.
Our program is client-centered and flexible. Components of individualized therapy options various components with their own value, and the right combination comes together to form a treatment plan designed for the whole person.

Principles for Successful Individualized Addiction Treatment

The first step in creating a customized treatment plan is taking a comprehensive assessment of the individual to determine the personal factors that have the potential to affect the person's recovery -- both in negative and positive ways. The basic principles devised by The National Institute on Drug Abuse concerning mapping out customized treatment paths to recovery are as follows:
  • Addiction affects the inner working of the brain
  • Treatment should be available for everyone who wants and needs it
  • Multiple therapy options should be available
  • Individualized treatment is essential
  • Treatment needs to address the whole person
  • The treatment plan should be assessed at various points in the recovery process
  • Medication should be used if and when the situation warrants it
  • Co-occurring disorders need to be treated as well
  • Both voluntary and involuntary treatment plans have the potential to lead to recovery
  • Substance abuse should be monitored so that relapses can be immediately addressed
  • Clients should be tested and treated for any infectious diseases
  • Some clients benefit from medically supervised detox to start the recovery program

Contact Pathways Real Life Recovery for More Info on Our Individual Treatment Plans

Our skilled, experienced staff consists of a team of social workers, alcohol addiction specialists, life coaches, self-esteem experts, trauma professionals, medical doctors, and other professionals to set the stage for your best chance at recovery. At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we treat the whole person rather than just a set of symptoms. We offer financing as well as accept most forms of insurance, although at this time, we are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Call 801-895-3006 to contact a caring advisor who can answer any questions you may have or for more information on our customized treatment plans.