Teen Rehab & Counseling in Utah

As a teen treatment center, Pathways Real Life Recovery focuses on providing the highest quality teen rehabilitation available. Our treatment center has caring professionals and the right facilities to help teens overcome the addiction problems they may be struggling with. We offer specialized treatment programs for troubled teens dealing with behavioral and emotional issues as well as drug rehab services for teens struggling with addiction. Since 2007, our program has successfully treated hundreds of boys and girls between ages 12 and 18.

If you are searching for a reliable and trusted teen treatment center in Utah, kindly call and speak to one of our licensed counselors today to find out what kind of help is available for your child. 

Video Game Addiction Treatment

To most people, the mention of addiction brings to mind thoughts of alcohol and other chemical substances. Doctors have found online gaming and video games to be addictive as well, resulting in negative effects on the mind and body. Although playing an occasional game for fun is harmless, there are instances where the games will affect the life of your teen negatively. When this happens, you may need to seek addiction treatment for your child.  


Today, teens have become increasingly susceptible to depression, with substance abuse, divorce, bullying, and other stressful situation being common triggers. While there are different types of teenager depression disorders, common warning signs include social withdrawal, irritability, uncontrolled anger, unusual sensitivity to criticism, problems at school as well as drug and substance abuse. If you notice any of these signs, it is advisable to seek professional help immediately. At Pathways, we have a number of treatment options to give your teen the support they need to overcome teen depression and lead a normal life again. Learn more.


Different people react to stressful situations in varied ways. If your teen responds with unease and nervousness, the anxiety can overwhelm them. This could affect how they function in their everyday life, making it necessary for them to seek a personalized and detailed treatment plan to help them cope with the issue. Common signs of anxiety include tension, preoccupation, and feelings of distraction. If left unaddressed, an anxiety disorder can lead to depression, a weak immune system, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts. The disorder can also cause other physical and mental issues. Learn more.

Drug Addiction & Substance Abuse

Pathways offer help to teens struggling with substance abuse disorders, drug addiction as well as the associated behavioral problems and mental challenges. The treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of your teen as well as those of your family. We also ensure that our patients remain engaged and accountable throughout the process by getting them to work with their therapist to develop their treatment plan and set personal goals. Drug addiction can affect people of all ages, including adolescents. Dependence on chemical substances can harm the body, mind, and spirit as well as people around the one suffering from addiction. An effective drug addiction treatment program should not only help your teen to recover from the disorder but also address the underlying issues. Our experienced experts and caregivers will suggest the most effective treatment options to help your child achieve full recovery and maintain long-term sobriety. Learn more.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction among teenagers is a growing concern in many places. In most cases, teenagers who abuse alcohol will also use other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Intoxication can lead to risky behavior, brain damage, emotional problems, and learning problems. Pathways treatment center uses both traditional and modern approaches to treatment, ensuring dignity, respect, and confidentiality throughout the process. Some of the treatment methods for teenagers include core belief restructuring, cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, and detox services. Most teens turn to drug and alcohol use as a coping or escape mechanism for dealing with other issues. To avoid frequent relapse and return to rehab, the source of the problem has to be treated. Our professionals, therapists, and counselors will work with you to develop a rehabilitation program that not only addresses the existing substance abuse disorder but also uncovers and addresses the underlying cause of the self-medication problem. Learn more.

Behavioral Problems – Anger and Defiance

Trying to understand your teen is no mean feat. Sometimes, your child will exhibit anger, open defiance, aggressiveness, and oppositional tendencies. Our center provides teens with the problem-solving skills they need to make better and sound decisions as well as protect themselves against certain risks. Other services include parenting support and family therapy designed to help you find your balance as a family again. Pathways Real Life Recovery offers intensive, personalized services that teach teens how to be happy and healthy. Learn more.

Genetic Testing

Your teen’s genetic makeup may affect how their body process medication, resulting in a number of antidepressants not working for them. If your child has been trying medications to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction and more but none of them seems to be working, you should seek genetic testing. Through genetic testing, we will identify the medication that will work best and the proper doesage, saving your family the trouble of having to try multiple medications. Learn more.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition characterized by extreme mood swings, with alternating periods of elation and depression. Sometimes, someone suffering from the disorder can be in a mixed state, where they experience both extremes at the same time. Bipolar disorder can impact your teen’s daily living and affect their relationships. Since the symptoms of the disorder vary from person to person, you should visit a healthcare provider if you suspect this condition. While seeking help may be intimidating, such a move can save the life of the affected individual. Our recovery program features treatment programs such as individual therapy, family therapy, medication management, and lifestyle changes to help your teen function normally. Learn more.


Divorce and Family Counseling 

While divorce can be a traumatic event for anyone, its effects on children can be far-reaching. There is a chance that your teen will react to divorce with anger, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems and lower academic performance in school. As a parent, divorce brings with it new responsibilities and may change how you relate to your children. At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we offer family counseling to minimize the negative impact of divorce and help parents and children alike to cope with the new changes in their lives. Learn more.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can cause physical, mental and emotional pain. Anorexia is characterized by eating very little while binge eating is often a sign of bulimia. If left untreated, these two eating disorders can be life threatening or lead to long-term damage. As such, it is important to seek help as soon as you suspect that your teen may be struggling with an eating disorder. With the sense of shame associated with this problem, our treatment program has three phases. We will start by restoring the physical health of the patient. We will then move to their psychological health before teaching them how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Learn more.

Teenage Self-Harm Treatment

Teens may feel an impulse to inflict self-harm due to an event or experience they may have gone through. Such self-harm could take the form of scratching or cutting their skin with the intention of drawing blood. While this may be worrying to any parent, it is very common and is usually a way of expressing emotional distress. If left untreated, the behavior may lead to infections or even a suicide attempt. It is important to understand the drive, seek counseling to help the teen cope and get professional self-harm help. Learn more.

Trauma Therapy

Sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, and other childhood events can lead to your teen experiencing trauma. Since trauma can affect their daily living as well as other aspects of their life, we provide trauma therapy to help teens become healthy and whole again. If your teen starts to relive the experience, withdraws from social interactions, has frequent nightmares, exhibits destructive behavior or talks about suicide, it may be time to seek help. Pathways Real Life Recovery provides a safe and comfortable environment for your teen to talk about their experiences, cope with them and recover from the related negative impact. Learn more.

Pathways is a Teen Rehab Center in Utah

As a teen rehab center, Pathways is known for working with teens who have behavioral problems and challenging attitudes. Our treatment model is designed to help teens understand how their negative actions affect them as well as those around them. Through this model, teens learn healthy communication skills, responsibility for themselves and others, how to keep a structured schedule as well as how to engage in healthy relationships. At the end of the treatment program, the teens are healthy and whole individuals who value themselves and have a positive view of life.

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