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There are few things more terrifying than the idea of our children harming themselves. And it is not nearly as uncommon as you would think. An APA study found that 15% of college students had reported engaging in non-suicidal self-injury. Which is why if you suspect that is happening, then no doubt your primary concern must be finding a nearby Teenage Self-Harm Treatment in Utah to get your teen help.
Here at Pathways Real Life, we offer a behavioral treatment that gives people the power to change.
By offering a holistic approach, Pathways offers more than a self-harm treatment center for teens, instead of giving a path to true, long-lasting recovery.

If you suspect that your child is engaging in self-injurious behavior, We can help you.

What Is Teenage Self-Harm?

The term non-suicidal self-injury or NSSI is used for this kind of self-harm. It often manifests in cutting, but can also include other behaviors such as self scratching, self-biting, and headbanging.

How Do You Know If Your Teen Needs a Self Harm Treatment Center?

There is no test that can diagnose whether your teen has NSSI, and while some who are suffering from this will ask for help, that can be quite rare. Usually, it is family or friends who need to spot the signs in order to intervene and get help, here's what to look for:
  • Scars, especially in patterns
  • Frequent injuries
  • Fresh cuts, scratches, bite marks or bruises
  • Always wearing long sleeves and pants, including in hot weather
  • Burns, either from fire or excessive rubbing

Patterns of behavior that oftentimes co-occur with NSSI include difficulties and conflicts with interpersonal relationships, impulsive and unpredictable behaviors, as well as overall instability of emotions and behavior, and expressing feelings of worthlessness and helplessness.

Why Do Teenagers Self-Harm?

This is a complicated question, and as there are a wide variety of mental health conditions that can contribute to engaging in NSSI, there is no simple answer. However, NSSI behaviors can often be triggered by distress. When a teen self harms they will oftentimes feel momentary calmness. This is only temporary relief and it does nothing to mitigate the dangerous effects of their self-injuring. Teens can also escalate the scale of their injuries, and there is a correlation between NSSI and suicide attempts. Because there are such a wide array of mental illnesses that can be contributing to NSSI, it's so important to get the help your teen needs through a qualified mental health professional.

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Professional Teenage Self-Harm Treatment at Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah

Teenage self-harm is a dangerous behavior that can lead to serious injury or even death. If you suspect your child is engaging in self-harm, it's vital that you get help right away. Because
Pathways Real Life every single member of our staff is available 24 hours/day. Our therapists are specifically trained to treat the mental health of teenagers. We can help you determine if your child needs a self-harm treatment center for teens, so call now at 801-509-9442