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Sober living Steps

sober living steps

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Choosing to move out of your existing home to a sober living residence can be an overwhelming decision regardless of why you choose to do. For many people trying to recover and stay clean can be hard and many will find themselves relapsing to cope with the stress. Your resolve to stay clean can easily be broken with all the temptations around you especially if there are other users at home. For a successful transition consider these simple sober living steps:

Foundation for Success

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At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we strive to provide you with a conducive environment for your sobriety. Choosing to stay with us is the first step towards a successful recovery and a foundation upon which you can build your future on. You will be able to rely on our support and form meaningful friendships with other residents as you recover. At our residence you are surrounded by people just like you on a journey such as yours, this gives you much-needed structure.

Easing Into Home

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Once you arrive at Pathways Real Life Recovery, it is time to ease into your new home. The day to day structure is such that you can ease into ordinary life the only difference is that this is a safer and a more supportive environment. You will be guided by the house rules as you get on, but the most being you must be involved in your recovery. Residents are expected to do chores and work just as they would at home.

Responsibility and Life Skills

Learn the skills necessary to remain sober!

Residents will be in charge of basic responsibilities around the house such as grocery shopping, washing utensils and money management to help them establish accountability. These responsibilities will be shared among all residents each taking turns in accordance with the schedule. The residents will also be expected to ensure the house stays in order taking turns to supervise chores around the house. At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we make use of our house managers who have been transitional residents to help residents improve their life skills to prepare them for independence.

Support for Employment

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At this point, residents are held to a higher standard of responsibility and leadership as they transition back to work. This transition can be challenging, and so we offer maximum support to our residents. There is a significant shift towards creating balance in all aspects of life while still working. Through staff guidance, residents learn how to balance work, life, family and friendships all while prioritizing their recovery.

Why Pathways Real Life Recovery?

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  • We are not just a sober living residence but a community of people who sincerely care about each other.
  • Our residents will be able to enjoy a variety of recovery resources around the community.
  • We treat each resident uniquely creating a personalized recovery program to suit their individual needs and requirements.

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