What Is Inpatient Rehab for Addiction Like?

When you struggle with chemical dependency or addiction, recovering from it involves having plenty of support and the right kinds of services. Inpatient rehab programs can provide you with a supportive and safe place to focus on overcoming a mild or severe drug or alcohol addiction. Knowing what this kind of treatment program is like can help you better understand what to expect from inpatient treatment centers.

Wide Range of Therapeutic Services and Activities

Recovering from addiction usually involves a combination of treatment services. With inpatient care, you can expect to have traditional types of treatment, such as talk therapy sessions. You might also have other kinds of therapeutic services available, such as art therapy or outdoor therapeutic activities. Inpatient facilities might also provide you with opportunities to engage in safe activities for stress relief, such as yoga.

Structured Schedule

Inpatient rehab centers usually have a structured schedule to follow, which helps ensure that you get all of the services you need. Keep in mind that the services included in your daily schedule can vary based on what you might need. Inpatient treatment typically has a personalized plan for recovery that covers each patient’s specific needs. Having a structured schedule can give you a sense of routine that can be calming during recovery since you’ll know what to expect each day.

Practical, Emotional and Social Support

Inpatient care involves receiving different kinds of support to help you overcome an addiction. You might get social support from group therapy sessions with your peers, along with emotional support from counselors and therapists. Other professionals, such as nurses and social workers can provide you with practical support in terms of medical issues or other needs you might have during recovery. You might also have inpatient services that help you build or gain skills needed for sober living, such as communication skills or vocational skills.

Social Detoxification

Before you start working on rehab for drug addiction or alcohol addiction, you should go through detoxification or detox. Social detox is a non-medical form of detoxification that does not use medication. Instead, these detox services provide you with a comfortable and drug-free environment where you can go through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol safely. Getting through withdrawal is an important process in helping you get ready for inpatient treatment for drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Care

In some cases, recovering from addiction also needs to include services for managing a mental health condition. Depression and other mental health disorders can make addiction recovery more challenging if you don’t have the right kind of treatment and support. With a dual diagnosis in an inpatient setting, you’ll receive therapy and other services aimed at helping you effectively manage mental health disorders and overcome addiction. This type of combined care ensures that you’re able to make progress toward long-term recovery.

Contact Pathways, the Best Inpatient Treatment Center in Utah

You don’t have to try to overcome an addiction on your own. Going through inpatient treatment can give you the tools and support you need to successfully recover and develop healthier life habits while also ensuring that you’re safe and cared for during rehab. If you've made the decision to recover from an addiction, please contact Pathways to learn more about our inpatient treatment programs.

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