Vocational and Educational Training in Utah

Vocational TrainingPathways Real Life Recovery in Utah helps facilitate client’s who complete our rehab program to enter Vocational and Educational Training to help individuals transition into a new role in their lives. For recovering addicts, this can be especially useful. People overcoming addiction can often find it hard to get a job due to the negative stigma that has been attached to them. By teaching them a useful skill that they can use in life, it opens up a wealth of possibilities for potential employers.

Living with a disability can be challenging and socially isolating, but gainful employment can help to boost the self-esteem of those with disabilities. Having a good job also helps people with disabilities to play a larger role in their own care. Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled people have pushed for more accommodations at work, which can aid in their success. People struggling with disabilities, including those suffering from addictions, can also benefit from a service known as “vocational rehabilitation”.

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

A vocational school, which may also be called a “trade school,” is a higher-level learning institution that helps students build the knowledge and technical skills they need for their career of choice. Vocational rehabilitation builds on this concept by offering similar services that have been customized to meet the needs of disabled and addicted individuals. During vocational rehabilitation, counselors help their clients to reach their physical and mental goals by arranging for the therapy and building the support systems clients need to be successful. Vocational rehabilitation counselors also help clients to thrive professionally by assisting with training and skill building. When clients have completed our rehabilitation program, counselors help them to find and qualify for jobs that are compatible with their skills and abilities.

Benefits of Vocational and Educational Training

The biggest change that one must make on the path of recovery is not going down the same roads that lead them to addiction in the first place. The depression and hopelessness that comes along with joblessness can sometimes be a trigger for a recovering drug addict but by giving them a unique set of desirable skills that will make them a valuable asset to any employer, this trigger can be effectively erased.

Vocational Rehab Services in Utah

At Pathways Real Life Recovery, we work with people who have mental illnesses, psychological disorders or substance abuse problems, and have graduated from one of our rehab programs, to get into a vocational rehab program. Some of the services you can receive from a vocational rehab program include:

  • Assessing the client’s capabilities and limitations.
  • Working with the client to set goals for employment and independent living.
  • Arranging the necessary training and therapy to meet the client’s goals.
  • Facilitating job training and placement.
  • Assisting clients with the creation of resumes and the job application process.
  • Providing mock interviews and other application training services.
  • Serving as an advocate in cases of employment or workplace discrimination.
  • Helping clients leaving rehab to find meaningful work that serves to increase their independence and social interconnectedness.

Qualifying for the Program

Not all disabled individuals will be eligible for vocational rehabilitation. In general, to be eligible for these services, prospective clients must have a physical or mental impairment that makes it difficult for them to be employed. They must also have the potential to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services. Individuals with profound physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from being able to learn or improve their condition will not qualify for the program.

Individuals who qualify for vocational rehabilitation can expect to wait for up to 7 weeks for a spot to become available. Clients cannot enter the program unless they have been clean from drugs or alcohol for at least 30 days.

Contact Pathways Real Life Recovery for More Information on Vocational Rehab in Utah

Speak with a Pathways AgentIf you or someone you love would benefit from vocational rehabilitation services, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery at 801-895-3006 or fill out our contact form to learn more.


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