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Sober Companion From Pathways

sober companion utahUtah sober companions are individuals whose duty is to help clients that have relapsed, or those who are in early recovery, to sustain long-term wellness by applying what they learned in treatment to their home lives. Sober companions help transition someone from rehab to their everyday home life. Sober companions are sometimes called a sober coach/ buddy, or simply a recovery companion.

A recovery buddy is NOT just for those recovering from substance abuse treatment of alcohol addiction, but can be used for helping individuals with mental health or psychiatric disorders too.

Pathway’s sober recovery buddies work to help clients form the building blocks that are necessary to create lasting recovery. The goal is to create a supportive dynamic that allows the client to become increasing self-reliant every single day.

Sober Companion Recovery Services Utah

Pathways offers recovery companion services to adults and adolescents in Utah. Our services are carefully constructed to support each individual’s unique needs, and help them to attain their recovery goals. Our recovery companions come from various backgrounds and have divergent areas of expertise. We will match you with a sober buddy that matches a client’s interests, needs, age, gender and other considerations.

A recovery companion from Pathways Real Life Recovery reinforces our principles of healing, and can stay with the client 24/7 to prevent relapse of undesirable thoughts or actions. Recovery buddies are usually hired for 10-14 days, but may require more time to effect a positive, permanent change. The length of a recovery companionship varies depending on client needs, family dynamics, co-occurring disorders, and other factors.

A sober recovery buddy helps strengthen a client’s foundation for success in the following ways:

  • Helps to transition the client from treatment to their home life
  • Reinforce the positives of abstinence
  • Introduce the client to healthy environments and peers
  • Address areas that may present recovery roadblocks
  • Facilitate the process necessary to remain free from drugs and/or alcohol
  • Help clients to practice & models recovery skills
  • Coach may search client’s home for stashed drugs or alcohol
  • Maintain focus on recovery
  • Supports the day-to-day challenges of everyday activities or during periods of heightened vulnerability
  • Assist client in becoming more physically and socially active
  • Provide real companionship
  • And more

If you or someone you know would benefit from having a sober companion, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah at 801-895-3006, or fill out our form to the right today!

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