Personality Disorder Treatment Center in Utah

With over 30 years of research, Pathways Real Life Recovery personality disorder treatment center in Sandy, Utah, has been helping people get better. Our mental health treatment professionals provide a full-scope medical and psychiatric assessment to help identify underlying causes and work with you to create a treatment plan. Throughout your program, we focus on helping you recognize core issues and develop the life skills and psychological and emotional tools you need for improved mental health and impulse control.

Can Treatment for Personality Disorders Really Help?

High-quality treatment for personality disorder symptoms and root causes helps people gain control over their condition and enjoy happier and more satisfying lives. We believe that you can have a more meaningful life that you enjoy!

If you are experiencing problems communicating effectively, impulsive behaviors, chronic feelings of emptiness, deep fear of abandonment, lasting loneliness, confusion about your self-identity, intense emotions, feeling not good enough, or thoughts of suicide, we are here to provide the help and support you need and deserve.

Personality Disorder Types and Treatment

The Pathways mental and behavioral health treatment center applies today’s most advanced therapeutic counseling techniques and integrated medical treatment. Our center provides treatment for a wide range of single and co-occurring disorders including:


Emotional and impulsive:


Treatment Personality Disorder at Pathways

Personality disorder treatment at Pathways is thoroughly individualized to custom fit each client’s personal needs. Generally speaking, each customized program is structured within this framework of primary stages that constitute the complete healing process through treatment:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Process: Pathways’ personality disorder diagnostic process involves evaluation based on symptoms, psychological assessment, and medical examination.

Stabilization Process: Medically managed stabilization in a comfortable environment for clients needing mental health treatment, medication, and/or other medical assistance.

Outpatient Treatment Process: In the relaxed atmosphere of Pathways' comfortable outpatient mental health treatment center, each client receives treatments to help him, or her readjust to his/her daily life. In our beautiful therapy setting, patients cultivate life behavioral skills that promote sustained improvement long after treatment.

Pathways Mental Health Treatment Can Help!

If you have been suffering from an untreated personality disorder, obtaining the kind of help you need to transform your life is the best decision you will ever make. But, it can feel overwhelming and even frightening to take the first steps necessary to get started. Our caring mental health professionals work closely with you to make the admissions process easy and affordable for you. Ask for a free health insurance coverage verification service.

For a free, confidential assessment, call Pathways Real Life Recovery (801) 895-3006, or contact us here online to schedule an appointment whenever you’re ready!