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Awareness is Key If you or a loved one is seeking a new life path this year – here are a couple of things to know and think about. The path to becoming addiction free is a personal path and there is not a quick solution to fix it all. Here at Pathways Real Life, we understand that each case is unique and needs tailoring to the individual to ensure a successful recovery.

Give Moral Support Recovering from past decisions through addictions is not an easy path, they need moral support and intensive therapy, addictions commonly stem from a root problem from self esteem or a way to cope with daily problems or a life trauma, once we know what those issues are, we can plan a course, to help the patient successful deal and cope in a more healthy manner and help the patient become more aware of the triggers and feelings so they can learn to deal issues with those appropriately.

Emotional Readiness To successfully enter and finish the program, the patient has to require that he or she has a problema and needs to get clean and the determination to stay clean, is a critical. If you or a loved one is in need of some assistance, the best case is the person is “on board” for the idea of recovery, with this in mind this increases long term success ten fold. From day one our staff will begin to create a personalized roadmap that will start to build a foundation in which to start their new life course, with purpose, hope and direction… through our hands on staff and our highly trained therapists. Our treatment is backed by proven process and a long list of successful candidates, just see our testimonials.

Phases of Recovery If they have not yet realized they have a problem, an addition intervention may be necessary. As for the progression of the our process, an drug/ alcohol detox will take place to remove all unwanted chemicals from the body, followed up by our top notch – intensive addiction recovery therapy. For more information please contact for a FREE Assessment – Call 801-895-3006

If your looking for a Rehab Center, that personalizes to your love ones needs and goals, Pathways can really help you.
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Date published: 01/13/2015
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