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5 Fun Sober Activities

Battling addiction is a lifelong process and if you want to ensure continued success on your journey, you should keep a steady flow of fun sober activities on your calendar. Sober group activities (or solo activities) can help you live life to the fullest and stay on track. Falling into old habits is all too easy in Salt Lake City if you don’t take control of your social calendar in this way. Here is a list of sober activities in Utah that we hope will help you with your recovery.

1. Host a Dinner Party

The nice thing about hosting a dinner party is that you control the menu. There’s always a risk that if you show up for someone else’s dinner party, there will end up being an open bar or an extensive wine list. If you host your own party for family or friends, you can pick out a great selection of music, prepare some new foods and provide plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for the guests.

2. Exercise

Working out helps you stay in tune with your body and realize your potential. Jogging, yoga, swimming, weight lifting, cardio and other activities will help with goal-setting, and the constant improvement from working out is a big confidence booster. If you purchase a gym membership, you’re likely to make new sober friends and meet others who are into taking care of their bodies. Golf is another great exercise that you can do alone or with a group.

3. Get Outdoors

There are some amazing national parks and outdoor areas within just a few hours’ drive of SLC. Head out of town on a Saturday morning and stay the night for a camping trip. Go for a hike! Get a fishing license and try your hand at catching and preparing your own food. Connect with nature, get some fresh air and recharge your batteries by getting out of the busy city for a day or two.

4. Volunteer

Giving back some of your time to help others is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. You can volunteer at a homeless shelter, a food bank, an animal rescue shelter or any number of church ministry activities to help others in the local community. Sober activities that involve giving back to the community will help you stay centered and keep your mind on the “bigger picture” in life.

5. Grow a Garden

Nothing teaches patience like growing your own vegetables, herbs or flowers. You don’t need to have a spare acre in your backyard to plant a garden. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still grow smaller plants in a patio garden or on your kitchen counter, as long as your plants can get some direct sunlight during the day.

Get on the Road to Recovery at Pathways Recovery Center in SLC, Utah

These suggestions for sober activities to help you get started down the Road to Recovery. At the Pathways recovery treatment center, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all program for treating addiction. Our holistic discovery and empowerment model as an addiction rehab center allows us to serve our clients in ways that are most likely to succeed. We accept most insurance and we even offer financing for treatment services. Call us at 801-895-3006 if you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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The Basics of Overdose

According to the 2014 statistics from the Utah Department of Health, 32% of Utah adults had been on prescribed opioid pain medication. Drug poisoning deaths in Utah have surpassed deaths due to other causes such as firearms, motor vehicle accidents, and falls. Misuse of addictive prescription medications such as opioids can result in personal and legal consequences. It is estimated that 23 Utahns die every month from prescription drug overdoses.

Here is an overdose 101 detailed look at the basics of overdose and what to do if someone overdoses. Below are some overdose basics to aid in understanding the topic better;

What is an Overdose?

A drug overdose occurs when one takes a drug or a combination of different medications above and beyond the prescribed limit. Overdose signs differ with the type of drug used. As such, it is vital to know the right amount and time of taking your medication to avoid an overdose.

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Robert Downey Jr. From Addict to Iron Man

From Addict to Iron Man: The Transformation of Robert Downey Jr.

When he was just eight years old, Robert Downey Jr.’s father introduced him to drugs. It did not take long for Robert Downey Jr. to become addicted.

Robert Downey Jr. was born in April of 1965. His father, Robert Downey Sr., was an avant-garde film director with a passion for social issues. Downey Senior was also enthusiastic about drugs. In the 1988 book The New Breed, Downey said he grew up in a house where there were a lot of drugs just lying around. Unlike most households of the time where fathers and sons bonded over baseball or cars, the Downey family shared a love of acting and a passion for drugs.

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3 Things Successful Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers Must Do

Addictions are tough to treat. Each is different and shaped by factors including the person’s medical history, financial situation and childhood trauma. If you know a friend or family member dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, don’t just point them to the nearest treatment center. Find a caring clinic that will strive to understand your loved one as a person and not just a case. Here are 3 actions that successful drug & alcohol treatment centers might take:

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Substance Abuse with Teens

How to Approach the Subject of Substance Abuse with Your Teen

By the time they reach the age of 18, about half of all teenagers in the United States have abused a drug at some point in their lives. This is why it’s so important for parents to talk candidly with their children about the realities and dangers of drug use at a young age. In fact, studies have shown that parents can reduce the risk of their teenagers using drugs up to 42% by simply talking with them about drug use regularly. However, what’s a parent to do if he or she suspects a teen already has a drug problem? This can be a tricky situation, but by handling it appropriately, parents can ensure the best possible outcome.
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How Obamacare Can Help You Access Substance Abuse Treatment

While controversies and website problems have plagued the Affordable Care Act’s (more commonly referred to as Obamacare), many people with family members coping with substance abuse and mental health issues have pondered how the new Federal regulations affect them and their loved ones. People struggling with addiction, looking for help, have also been curious as to what this new program may offer them in the way of help kicking their drug and alcohol habit. Now that open enrollment in the government ACA website has ended, let us discuss what addicts and family members need to know, so they can take advantage of the next round of enrollment at an exchange or when purchasing private insurance outside one of the government sanctioned health exchanges.

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Sober St Patty's

How to Enjoy St. Patty’s Day Sober

Being sober on St. Patrick’s Day is an anomaly that most people don’t consider to be true. So everyone ends up getting stinking drunk and not remembering what happened the night before. As important as it is to let our hair down, it is equally important to recognize the rich and colorful traditions of a uniquely gifted place like Ireland. We must thank the Irish for giving us more than just a poor drinking habit. We must celebrate their rich traditions before we drink green beer or pinch each other for not wearing green.
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What To Do if an Addict is Unwilling to Seek Help

People suffering from addiction may find it hard to ask for help. It may seem simple, but it feels different for the person …

5 Fun Sober Activities

Battling addiction is a lifelong process and if you want to ensure continued success on your journey, you should keep a steady …

The Basics of Overdose

According to the 2014 statistics from the Utah Department of Health, 32% of Utah adults had been on prescribed opioid pain …