What Is The Addiction Assessment?

Substance addiction rehab logically begins with an assessment by the treatment professionals who will design an individualized recovery plan for you. The rehab assessment involves a complete psychological and physical examination. This fundamental step toward recovery provides the therapeutic team with the information necessary to deliver practical help. The alcohol or drug addiction assessment also facilitates the rehab team’s efforts to ensure that you have an enriching and satisfying experience in your treatment program.

Why Is The Addiction Assessment Needed?

Addiction recovery treatment providers need to have the clearest possible understanding of your current medical and psychological health. They also need to understand any employment, legal, and/or personal social issues you’re experiencing. The assessment provides various addiction treatment specialists on your therapeutic team critical information for creating the best possible program for your unique needs.

What Happens During an Addiction Assessment?

Let’s look at what you can expect in your drug or alcohol addiction assessment. Upon admission into your rehab program, you’ll have your addiction assessment. These are the parts of the examination you’ll be asked to complete:

Medical History Questions

You’ll be asked to share information about any diagnoses you’ve received in the past, including possible alcohol or other substance use disorders. You’ll also be asked about any co-occurring disorders, whether they’re linked to your substance addiction or seem unrelated. The assessment also includes basic questions about your medical history. For some examples, you’ll probably be asked to give information on past injuries and illnesses, and about medications, you’ve been prescribed, among other medical details.

Basic Medical Testing

The general medical tests involve checking your vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure, and assessing for alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms. You may be asked to supply blood and urine samples for drug testing. You’ll be asked to provide information about your history of substance use. Based on your medical history and other factors, additional medical tests may be necessary to help the staff develop the optimum course of treatment for you.

General Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation in the addiction assessment enables therapists to help you overcome systems if you are struggling with any untreated mental health disorders. They can provide special therapeutic sessions as needed and prescribe medications you need to help you effectively manage symptoms. The addiction treatment facility also treats other psychological conditions, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and others.

How To Prepare for Your Addiction Assessment

You don’t need to do anything at all to get ready for your addiction assessment. To make the most of the opportunity for an evaluation that can help you best, just go into it with these ideas about rehab in mind:

  • Understand that addiction is a disease: The medical questions and tests are essential for determining the level of your substance dependency and helping you achieve a sustainable recovery.
  • Keep an open mind: The best rehab programs focus on mindfulness, healing emotional pain, gratitude, and other self-empowering concepts.
  • Be honest with your responses: Your treatment specialists can offer you better therapy if they have factual information.

Perspective on Assessment and Rehab

Keep in mind that rehab is your place for help and healing. It’s not a place where you have to worry about anybody judging. Some questions you’re asked in the assessment might seem intrusive. But remember that your answers are helping the team dedicated to your recovery understand what you’re going through as well as possible and provide you the very best support.

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