girl jumping Overcoming an addiction of any kind can be overwhelming and at times, it may seem nearly impossible. However, with the right guidance and resources, recovery is within your reach. Find out why Pathways offers the best treatment for addiction in Salt Lake City.

Types of Treatment Available in Salt Lake City

There are multiple facilities available in the Salt Lake City area offering traditional methods of treatment, but Pathways offers something else; Pathways offers confidence, and empowerment to give our patients lasting success.  Pathways integrates the family to strengthen and repair current issues that may hinder the healing process.

Long Term Success

Unlike other treatment facilities, we work with the elements in your everyday life, rather than remove you from your surroundings for treatment. Our goal is not to ensure that you are sober during your stay and send you off after that; our goal is to empower you with the coping skills you need to maintain success in the real world.


Choose Your Own Path At Pathways, we want you to feel both comfortable and in control of your treatment. We provide you with the resources and help you need, while you decide which options are right for you. We also offer holistic treatment options, for a recovery that is truly free of chemical dependence. The holistic approach is not only healthier, but it can also make you feel even more empowered.
There may be other treatment methods out there, but only Pathways offers the natural, personalized approach that can help you lead an empowered, more confident life. To find the best treatment for addiction in Salt Lake City, contact Pathways at (801) 895-3006 and start creating your unique path to recovery.