Salt Lake City Intuitive Substance Abuse Treatment

For years, mental health workers, medical personnel, educators, social workers and a variety of other professionals have been searching for ways to help clients overcome substance abuse issues. Addictions can destroy a person’s life physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually. Although the impact and severity of substance abuse varies among individuals, one thing is certain; clients need the type of long-term, psychological therapy that Pathways offers. Pathways is a substance abuse treatment Salt Lake City program that will help you or your loved one overcome addiction.

Addiction does not discriminate among race, age, gender, creed or lifestyle. Studies have shown that a combination of models, including education, cognitive intervention, group counseling and psychological therapy, are effective in addressing substance abuse. Individual attention during rehabilitation also provides a key component in addiction treatment as there is not a one-size-fits-all answer when addressing addiction.

Drugs chemically and biologically change brain function even when the addict quits using drugs. This partially explains the compulsion abusers feel to continue using or to relapse even after significant periods of sobriety. Early intervention offers patients a greater opportunity for success in overcoming addictions.

In many cases, the patient is facing multiple issues, such as medical problems, mental health issues, legal problems and social issues. Treatment needs to consider these factors and their contribution to the role of recovery. Looking at the needs of the whole person helps clients integrate the strategies they learn as they go through treatment. Most people should stay in treatment for a minimum of 90 days in order to internalize the coping mechanisms they learn during rehabilitation. It is unrealistic to expect clients to overcome an addiction in a few weeks when they have spent years enmeshed in a dysfunctional lifestyle that includes substance abuse.

In addition to group and individual counseling, family counseling plays an important role in addressing addiction. The addiction has been the focus of the family who must learn new coping skills. Cooperation, conflict resolution and improved communication skills are several strategies that take time and practice to develop.

At our substance abuse treatment Salt Lake City program, Pathways will provide the on-going support you need to address your addiction. We offer our clients the psychological therapy needed to succeed during rehabilitation and after release.

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