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Where to Go for Rehab in Salt Lake City

new age rehabWhen you or a loved one have fallen victim to drug or alcohol addiction, it can devastate your family and friends. The road back can be hard and long; but with the right assistance, the addiction can be conquered. When looking for safe and effective rehab in salt lake city, one of the leading recovery centers in the country is available: Pathways Real Life Recovery.

Why Choose Us for Rehab?

Pathways has a great recovery rate — one of the highest in Salt Lake City and the country. This has been achieved by taking an all-encompassing approach. We start with the conviction that recovery is possible. We train the individual to find strength, confidence, and power from both within and without. We emphasize free will, confidence, honesty, and choice in working with the addict and his/her circle of friends and family to overcome and thrive.

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Without proper professional assistance, chances for recovery from addiction are few. Though well intentioned, many people unwittingly enable the addict rather than help them pull out of the cycle of self-destruction. Professional help greatly increases the addict’s chances of success in recovery. Our recovery spans three phases:

  1. Acknowledging gratitude, exhibiting honesty, and taking responsibility for choices
  2. Making healthy decisions, self-discovery, and self-affirmation
  3. Understanding accountability and handling stress

We Love Our Clients

Addiction and Rehab Recovery Services at Pathways Real Life

Outpatient Treatment Services

Pathways Real Life

8706 S 700 E Suite #205
Sandy, Utah 84070
Phone: 801.895.3006

Inpatient Treatment Services

Pathways Wholeness Center

189 E Center Street
Glenwood, Utah 84730
Phone: 435.278.2700

Residential Living Services

Pathways Supportive Living for Women

West Jordan, UT 84084
Phone: 801.895.3006

Residential Living Services

Pathways Supportive Living for Men

Sandy, UT 84094
Phone: 801.895.3006

If you or a loved on is suffering mental health or addiction issues, please call for Help 801.895.3006


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Pathways Real Life Recovery
8706 S 700 E Suite #205
Sandy,Utah 84070
Phone: 801.509.9442
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