Alternative Rehab in Salt Lake City Provides Results

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Realizing that one must undergo drug treatment can be a difficult thing to admit. Additionally, entering a facility to receive such treatment can be equally daunting. Although many facilities offer substantial accommodations that are designed to make residents feel at home, many residents take a longer time to adjust to a new setting as well as to the providers that they are instructed to trust. When it comes to rehab in Salt Lake City, Pathways is an innovator with a holistic, alternative approach.

Pathways integrates the family to strengthen and repair current issues that may hinder the healing process.

Opening up to complete strangers is a process that can take varying amounts of time depending on the individual. It may be easy for some people to meet strangers, but it is not always as easy to actually connect with them. For participants entering into external treatment centers, progress may be delayed because of the extra challenge associated with becoming accustomed to a new environment. At Pathways, we focus on getting to the root of the problem, and finding a solution that fits seamlessly into a patient’s life.


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