Top Alcohol Treatment in Salt Lake City

Alcohol addiction is a complex and dangerous health problem, one that is best managed with professional help. This is especially true in the case of long-term alcoholics, as withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Managing withdrawal symptoms safely while minimizing discomfort as much as possible is an important part of a successful recovery, and can reduce the risk of relapse. Pathways offers the top alcohol treatment in Salt Lake City, approaching the issue in a holistic manner.

stairwayAlcohol is a readily available substance and has a high degree of social acceptance in many segments of the population. Unlike drugs and other substances, alcohol addicts will be faced with the additional burden of being exposed to alcohol consumption on a regular basis, perhaps even being offered alcohol by well meaning friends or acquaintances. At Pathways, we address the root causes of alcohol dependence, and equip our patients with the skills they need to break free from alcohol’s grasp.

Because of how extensively alcohol abuse affects the body and mind, in the case of prolonged alcoholism, withdrawal can be dangerous, even deadly. According to the National Institutes of Health, the acute withdrawal syndrome that long-term alcoholics face can be deadly without the assistance of trained professionals. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that individuals seek help before attempting to quit “cold turkey.”

Delirium tremens and seizures are among the withdrawal symptoms most likely to result in death, and that is why professional detox is recommended during the first week of alcohol abstinence. The heart often sustains significant damage from long-term drinking, making cardiac problems a higher risk during such withdrawal symptoms as delirium tremens, seizures, anxiety, and nervous system disorders. Medically supervised professional detox is the safest choice for a person seeking recovery.

Maintaining sobriety following detox can be a major challenge. A holistic approach provides a greater chance of success, seeking to support the whole person rather than focusing on the addiction alone. The holistic approach works because addiction is typically a symptom of other issues. Without dealing with these issues via learning coping and life management skills, there is a greater chance of relapse. For safety and success, choose the top alcohol treatment in Salt Lake City that offers a personalized, holistic recovery strategy.

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