Major Depressive Disorder Treatment in Utah

Depression causes people to suffer from frequent feelings of sadness, sleep issues, low energy, and retreat from their usual interests. Chronic depression can lead to relationship damage, problems at work, and even the risk of suicide. Clinical depression is also known as major depressive disorder. The negative emotional and behavioral impacts of this mood disorder are more severe than occasional brief episodes of feeling depressed. The good news is that there are effective treatment plans for depression.

If you are living with depression, you can overcome it and live a happy, meaningful life. Call to learn more about our major depressive disorder treatment in Utah.

Topics covered:

Symptoms of Depression

Outpatient & Inpatient Depression Treatment

When You Should See a Doctor

When To Get Emergency Help

Overcome Depression With the Proper Treatment

Symptoms of Depression

Some people may only experience a brief period of depression once in their lifetime. But, for people with major depressive disorder, episodes of depression can be lengthy and recur again and again. During bouts of depression, they may experience multiple symptoms throughout most of the day, almost every day. Symptoms can include:

  • Feeling sad, tearful, hopeless, empty
  • Feeling angry, being easily frustrated even over minor issues
  • Sleep difficulties such as insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Lack of energy, feeling tired, struggling to do even small tasks
  • Loss of appetite, losing weight or increasing food cravings, gaining weight
  • Feeling agitated, restless, or anxious
  • Speech or physical movements are slowed
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  • Slowed thinking, difficulty making decisions
  • Headaches, back pain, or other physical problems with unclear causes
  • Feeling guilty or worthless, fixating on past mistakes or failures
  • Loss of interest in previously favorite activities
  • Thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide

Outpatient / Inpatient Depression Treatment

Many people suffering from a severe mood disorder often experience some common negative effects of depression on their work and their ability to meet personal obligations. This condition can impact job security and important relationships. When depression causes people to feel overwhelmed with unhappiness nearly every day without understanding why it is time to seek a solution.

If you are living with depression, you can overcome it and live a happy, meaningful life. Inpatient rehab for depression and anxiety can change your life. The majority of people in therapy for depression feel better through psychotherapy, proper medication, or a combination of the two.

When You Should See a Doctor

If you have been experiencing some of the depression symptoms listed above, schedule an appointment to talk to your doctor or a mental health provider as soon as possible. Your health care provider can perform an assessment and give you a diagnosis. Then, you’ll have the information you need, and you can work with your doctor to determine your best major depressive disorder treatment options.

If you are depressed but are feeling unsure and worried, and hesitant to seek treatment, consider reaching out for help through other trusted resources for support and advice.

  • Call your doctor or a mental health provider.
  • Talk to an understanding family member or friend.
  • Visit a school counselor for guidance.
  • Talk to someone in your faith-based organization.

When To Get Emergency Help

If you think you may be at risk of suicide, call 911 for immediate help. Or, call a suicide hotline if you think that is a good option for you at the time. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 800-273-TALK.

If you know someone who you believe is at risk of suicide or who has already attempted suicide, do not leave the person alone, and call 911 immediately for help. Or, if you believe you can safely take the person to the closest hospital emergency room, take them there urgently.

With the Proper Treatment, You Can Overcome Depression

Pathways Real Life Recovery Center offers mental health treatment and addiction recovery in Utah. We can help you overcome ongoing depression through a major depressive disorder treatment plan individualized to meet your personal needs. You can look forward to moving on to a new and satisfying life free from recurring oppressive symptoms of depression. Our professional therapists are here for you 24/7. A recording will never answer your call.

Call Pathways Real Life Recovery Center, Sandy, Utah at (801) 895-3006, or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a free consultation and visit to see if our beautiful center is the right fit for you.