How to Treat Sexual Addiction

While not as commonly observed as other types of dependency, sexual addiction is still a prevalent ailment that deserves attention and immediate action. But because of its differing nature, this type of addiction may require a variety of different treatment options in order to see successful rehabilitation. If you or someone you know is curious about the treatments available for sexual addiction, here are some steps that are taken to help overcome the dependency and get life back on track:

Acceptance and Understanding

While this may seem rather obvious, understanding and accepting sexual addiction is rather difficult due to the stigma and confusion surrounding its nature. In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders barely covers this area, leaving it up to the interpretation of professionals.

In order for an individual to seek help for sexual addiction, it is important that they first understand the negative impact it has on their lives, and that overcoming this problem is not impossible.

Looking at Underlying Causes

While alcohol and drug addiction can be caused solely by proximity and usage of a substance, sexual addiction generally contains uncovered layers that are best revealed with the help of a trained psychologist. For example, while the issue may be manifesting itself in the form of an addiction to sexual contact or content, it may be related to other aspects of the individual’s life, such as previous sexual trauma, or even repressed feelings of neglect throughout history. Discussing these life experiences with a professional can help uncover ultimate causes of the sexual addiction, making it easier to alleviate the problem and eradicate it entirely.

Sex Addiction Treatment Center - Sex Addiction Recovery in Utah - Pathways Real Life Recovery
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Medicating if Necessary

While traditional methods of group therapy and individual discussions are preferred courses of treatment for those suffering from sexual addiction, often times medication can be used to help the individual suppress any unwanted sexual desires that may hinder their quality of life. Common medicines that are used to lower androgen levels can be used to help treat sexual addiction, as these will greatly diminish the libido and the overall desire for sexual contact with others.

Residential Treatments

Often times a sexual addiction may be too severe to be aided by group treatment or even medication, and in this scenario it may be necessary that the individual resort to a residential treatment method for positive results. Like many other residential treatment options, the rehabilitation option for sexual addiction involves the absence of any material or content that may exacerbate the condition, as well as the presence and availability of group or individual treatment. With this, residential treatment for sexual addiction also focuses on self-awareness for the individual outside of their traditional environment, and gives the patient the chance to reflect on their dependency or addiction without any stimulation from unnecessary outside influences. While residential treatment options are generally expensive, they often elicit positive results with lasting effects.

Sex Addiction Treatment Center - Sex Addiction Recovery in Utah - Pathways Real Life Recovery

Treatment is Available for Today

For those suffering from sexual addiction, it is important to realize that treatment is commercially and readily available at a moment’s notice. And no matter the severity of the addiction, there are still rehabilitation options open that can help individuals move onwards to a healthier, more productive life.

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