5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Sober in Utah

St. Patrick's Day is a fabulous holiday when people let their hair down, celebrate their ethnic heritage and throw a big parade. Many people feel the temptation to drink during this time. If you would rather avoid drinking and maintain your sobriety, you will find lots of ways to celebrate without the need for alcohol. Cast aside the green beer just as St. Patrick cast out the snakes from Ireland. Embrace the delight that is Irish culture without the booze.

Take an Irish Dancing Class

Enjoy beautiful music and learn how to dance all kinds of age old Irish dances right here in Utah. Irish step dancing can help you get into great shape.

Watch an Irish Movie kiss-me-im-sober

Many fine movies have been set in Irish. To celebrate, the proud Irish of the Hibernian Society of Utah are hosting an Irish film series just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Join them and watch Academy-Award wining movies such as Michael Collins, Ryan's Daughter and A Terrible Beauty. If staying home is more your style, relax with friends and family and hold an Irish movie marathon of your own. Pick out classic movies like "The Secret of Kells" to help bring your Irish heritage to life.

Throw Your Own Party

Invite friends over to your house and hold a St. Patrick's Day party. Stick with people who care about helping you stay sober. Put on some Irish themed music and play party games like an Irish themed game of Pictionary.  Expand your knowledge of Irish culture, history and language with your friends in a low key setting for alcohol-free fun.

Go To Utah’s St. Patrick's Day Parade

Take some time off from your ordinary routine. Watch the parade in person on March 12 at 10 a.m. The march begins on 400 West and at 200 North then runs south through the Gateway to 200 South and passes  through the Gateway Center. Bask in the warming weather as the parade passes by. Parade organizers ask that all people submit an entry form if they want to participate in the parade.  Find information about participating and walking in the parade at the "Parade Entry" link at right. If coming from other parts of Utah, take TRAX to the parade and Siamsa. This way, you can save money and parking hassles.

Make Your Own Irish Feast

Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage Sliders with Guinness Mustard

Recipe by Becky Hardin via

Irish cooking is a lively combination of ingredients like potatoes, fish, cabbage and smoked beef that everyone loves. Buy a large corned beef and a thick head of cabbage to boil together to make at home. Throw in a loaf of store-bought or homemade Irish soda bread topped with delicious, widely available Irish butter for your own perfect traditional Irish lunch. Or update the classic sandwich with these delicious corned beef and cabbage min-sliders cooked carefully and then topped with a tangy mustard. End your meal a round of non-alcoholic shamrock shakes in a shade of bright green and some mint brownies for an Irish themed dessert.

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