Month: January 2014

Utah Substance Abuse Treatment

How Mental Disorders Can Lead to Addiction

Struggling with a mental disorder can be a difficult road, one that affects the lives of the suffering individual, as well as surrounding friends and family. But while mental disorders alone may seem difficult, a disorder coupled with a substance addiction can prove far more devastating to everyone involved. And unfortunately, it is all too common for mental disorders to either exacerbate problems with substance abuse, or lead to them altogether. Here is how some mental disorders may lead to addiction, and what you can do to prevent this from happening:

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Helping People with Addictions Stay Sober in the New Year

The new year comes with heavy partying and the peer pressure of making new resolutions. But even the best of resolutions made in an inebriated state are not fulfilled. Best resolutions are made when sober. Making a mere resolution to stay sober during the new year is not enough. Trying to stick to a new year’s resolution is often the toughest thing to do, but addictions are a different ball game altogether.

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Debunking Myths About Schizophrenia

Debunking Myths About Schizophrenia  

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder shrouded by an unfair stigma and cultural stereotypes. Although schizophrenia …

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3 Ways to Manage Your Mental Wellness During the Holidays

The Holiday season is the best time to spend time with friends and family. But for many people, this time can bring or worsen …

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5 Ways to Support the Mental Health of Your LGBTQ Loved Ones

Although mental health professionals considered homosexuality a mental illness between 1952 and 1973, today’s professional …