Helping People with Addictions Stay Sober in the New Year

The new year comes with heavy partying and the peer pressure of making new resolutions. But even the best of resolutions made in an inebriated state are not fulfilled. Best resolutions are made when sober. Making a mere resolution to stay sober during the new year is not enough. Trying to stick to a new year's resolution is often the toughest thing to do, but addictions are a different ball game altogether.

Following are a few ways in which you can overcome addictions this new year:

ways-to-stay-sober-in-2014-312x1024Tell People Your Intentions

Tell your friends about your resolve to stay sober during the new year. The more people you inform, the more people you involve, the more liable you will be. The more accountable you are to others, the harder it is to slip up. And even if you do slip up, your friends and damiliy will motivate and inspire you to keep up with your resolve.

Find a Counselor

Seek professional help, positively before the end of the old year, so that your new year begins stress free. A local therapist will help keep up this resolve. Usually they will offer individual and group counselling sessions which will focus on combating addiction.

Change Things Up

Changing a little part of your daily routine will go a long way in changing your lifestyle. Resolve to incorporate a single addiction ridding habit each day. Keeping track of all these will also provide motivation. Note down all these small lifestyle changes in a diary which will be a regular accompaniment for a resolve.

Get in Shape

A major part of leaving addiction is improving physical health. Getting sober is not just about leaving drinking, smoking or using drugs. It is helping get rid of any kind od compulsive behavior. This will change the way you view yourself and improve your self confidence. When you focus on yourself, you will notice the things that have been going wrong. This will give you a chance to incoporate positives into your life.

Try New Things

Resolve to try new things and make new friends. Meeting new people and engaging in different activities will help take your mind off things that push you into addiction. Starting a new hobby or engaging in a hobby with a cherished friend or family member wil not only help you come closer to the family, but also help rejuvenate your senses. These activites will invigorate an otherwise stalled life.

Find a Companion

Find a sobriety partner, with whom you take the resolution to stay sober in the new year. This friend will help follow the same routine as you and engage in the same activities as you. This sober companion will accompany you all social events and stop you from falling back into old habits.

Combine your rejuvenation therapy with helping yourself or others recover from addictions. Go for massages and make more friends. Engage in activities that entertain you and help you stay healthy in the new year. Make this a year of complete success, dedicated to yourself.

Michelle Amerman
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