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Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes and the 3 Celebrities Most In Need of Rehab

Many celebrities are known for their over-the-top behavior and crazy antics, whether they’re acting silly in an interview, wearing extremely provocative clothes, or tweeting cryptic messages. This craziness is one of the reasons why people love celebrities and follow their lives on TV and social media. Quite frankly, stars that are too tame often don’t make the front page or get people talking. Sometimes, however, celebrity’s actions make news in a very bad way, such as behavior associated with drug use.

Where Does Adequate Addiction Counseling Start in Salt Lake City? - Pathways Real Life Recovery

Where Does Adequate Addiction Counseling Start in Salt Lake City?

Facing addiction treatment is a daunting task. Looking for quality treatment for addiction counseling in Salt Lake City doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at the options.

Inpatient Treatment

Erasing Addiction - Addiction Counseling in Salt Lake City, Utah

A person seeking help agrees to live in a residential setting with other people in treatment. This removal from daily life can have a positive effect on maintaining sobriety while there, as there is simply no access to the drug of choice. The therapy sessions are frequent and intense. DATOS reports “a 67% drop in weekly cocaine use and 53% decline in heavy drinkers” in a study of patients one year after completing long-term residential treatment.

Utah Rehab

If Treatment Takes Credit When Recovery Is Successful, Shouldn’t They Also Take Blame When It’s Not?

Get clean and stay clean! This is the message that people receive when going through treatment at most rehabilitation facilities. While this is a good message and it is the basis of rehabilitation, it’s important not to stop the treatment there. There are so many issues at the root of addiction that you cannot simply treat the addiction and walk away.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron and The 4 Most Surprising Celebrities to Enter Rehab

It’s always surprising to hear when someone seeks help for substance abuse, especially when the outer celeb in them just never seems as if they were the “type” to do anything to require rehab. We’ve all seen celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr. and Bobby Brown in and out of rehab and/or jail at one point or another in their lifetime. However, it’s shocking to hear a multitude of Disney stars being added to that list.


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