Zac Efron and The 4 Most Surprising Celebrities to Enter Rehab

It’s always surprising to hear when someone seeks help for substance abuse, especially when the outer celeb in them just never seems as if they were the “type” to do anything to require rehab. We’ve all seen celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr. and Bobby Brown in and out of rehab and/or jail at one point or another in their lifetime. However, it’s shocking to hear a multitude of Disney stars being added to that list.

Zac Efron


Zac Efron


Zac Efron shocked the nation with his announcement of having been in rehab. He’s the last star many people would have ever thought to enter rehab, let alone with such a powerful addiction. While Zac is well known as a Disney star thanks to the High School Musical movies, he’s also been a heart throb for many teens and younger adults. He’s coming into his own now by doing more “blockbuster” and mainstream type movies. Having said this, anyone in the lime light with an incredibly hard schedule to complete work or daily events, could possibly become addicted to anything. While he is receiving flak from many people in the industry and from his fans, he made the noble decision to enter rehab, get better and continue his recovery without the flash of the paparazzi being involved. The best thing he did however was go to rehab, address his issues and come back even better.

Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes

Another surprising star to enter rehab pretty randomly was Eva Mendes. While the star of many films, most notably Face Off, Hitch and 2 Fast and 2 Furious. What shocked most of us is the fact that she never was really seen out partying, or doing anything that any of us have seen actors do, that we weren’t too shocked that she entered rehab. She has come out to say that her stint in rehab was for “role preparation”, however we all know she has been in some heavily theme movies that would have better prepared her for the role she intended to play. However, again the best laid plan and sacrifice for her was entering rehab whether it was for a role or not. To this day she has not re-entered rehab to anyone’s knowledge, nor is she seen out and about with anyone other than her boyfriend, making her rehab successful as well.

Side note: she advised everyone that the role was for a “female Scarface”; however this movie has yet to come out.

Billie Joe Armstrong

The biggest shocker of the rocker genre to enter rehab was Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. While it isn’t a shocker to see a rock and roll star in rehab, it is however shocking for fans when it comes to Billie. While it is also pretty normal for rockers, especially Billie, to be a little out there and act a little crazy on stage for their fans, it was after an I Heart Radio concert that the news came out that Billie had entered rehab for demons he’d been fighting for some time. Billie has since exited rehab with no ill effects so far. And once again we must commend him for stepping up to the plate and taking actions for his demons rather than letting them destroy him.

Ben Affleck

The most shocking celeb to check into rehab, without anyone’s knowledge is Ben Affleck. Yes, he in fact did enter rehab! The future Batman struggled and finally won his battle against his addictions and has made an incredible comeback! Ben is a very smart and self-aware man who made the great decision to make his life bigger and better by entering rehab and overcoming his addiction. In 2013 Ben visited Lindsay Lohan in rehab to give her some insight on how to stay sober once released from rehab. How would it be to have such an amazing actor, writer and producer give you advice on how to stay sober? Hopefully his words of wisdom got through to her so she can stay sober as he has for over a decade.

While fighting an addiction is hard for anyone, whether you are a celebrity or not, making the decision to better yourself by entering rehab and overcome your addiction makes you a much stronger person. Let’s face it, celebrity or not, we are still human and have the same problems and issues anyone else may have. Life is based on the moments that take your breath away and making the decision to live your life happy and sober is one of the best moments to ever see. All of these celebs have overcome and beat their personal addictions. For anyone, of any status there is help for you through the decision to enter rehab, and the ongoing help you may need to see you succeed in your quest to be sober.

Michelle Amerman
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