Rob Ford and the 5 Most Shocking Substance Abuse Allegations in Politics

Being in the public eye, there is always a specific reality for everyone to be role models and strict expectations for them. But it’s within our human nature to make a mistake and have a bad judgment. However, we still judge people based on what we expect of our role models. Let’s be honest here, it was pretty amazing that Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to keep his affair with his housekeeper silent for over a decade, and a child came out of that. Same goes for the fact that no one seems to remember that he was videotaped doing drugs while he pumped iron, yet he was also elected as Governor! To error is human and mistakes are always made, here are some examples of that.

Rob Ford

Rob Ford is one name that of course comes to mind, especially lately. He has had a name for himself his whole life really. Following in his father’s footsteps, Rob was elected into office in 2000 as a Councilor and in 2010 became Mayor of Toronto.  In 2013, a video surfaced that showed him engaging in not so great acts with drug dealers in Canada. While he denied all allegations, he has since come forth and admitted his actions. While he hasn’t gone to rehab (yet), he’s taken the first step to admitting his problem. Hopefully, soon he will realize what his next step should be, especially to show his children what kind of role model he can be.

Rehab Rob Ford

Marion Barry

The most shocking scandal in politics probably ever will be D.C.’s “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry. He served as Mayor of D.C. from 1975 to 1991 and again 1995 to 1999. Through both terms he was also plagued with numerous controversies through his personal life, he also had numerous professional problems. He received national interest in 1990 due to his troubles and was arrested by the FBI and served time in Federal prison which helped him be reelected in 1994. Since 2002 Marion has been continuously in the news with all kinds of bad news whether it be drug charges or other federal indictments due to tax evasion, racially charges remarks or conflict of interest charges.

Rehab Marion Barry

Rush Limbaugh

Another shocking revelation into the underworld of drugs and politics is Rush Limbaugh. While Rush has always been an avid “illegal drug use is killing this country” speech type of guy, Rush did come out to say in October of 2003 that he did in fact have a drug addiction. While his arrest never came through with a conviction, he did settle his arrest out of court and was put in an 18 month drug treatment program. As of today, he has seemed to beat his demons and so much the better for it. Not all political men and woman can handle the stress and wariness that is comes with politics, Rush seem to handle this well and at the same time, able to complete and maintain his sobriety with some tact and skill. Props Rush![distance1]

Rehab Rush Limbaugh

Steve Katz

There’s always the cases that seem somewhat unreported or under reported due to what some people may consider, insignificant, which in some cases, seems very true. Case in point Steve Katz. He is a veterinarian doctor who is also currently a member of the New York State Assembly. He was arrested and agreed to a plea deal for a small charge due to possession of drugs. He has back tracked on specific issues politically due to these charges. Regardless of your beliefs, being open and honest about your demons is the first step to rehabilitation.[distance1]

Rehab Steve Katz

Mel LeBlanc

Another political figure that was reported on, but was more of gossipy story, rather than a news worthy article was Mel LeBlanc out of Arlington, TX. In 2012 was caught buying drugs after being under investigation for some time. Being turned in to the police by his wife Candy, the Councilman proceeded to admit to his issues. Mel admitted to his substance abuse problems and had previously entered rehab; he preferred to try to become sober on his own. His wife requested him to enter rehab program in 2011. In 2012, however Mel resigned from office and has somewhat stayed under the radar. Last he was somewhat heard of, was when he wrote a review of Matt Damon’s movie Promised Land, as Mel is a managing partner of a drilling company.

Rehab Mel LeBlanc

Nadia Lockyer

One of the most shocking scandals to date however is the scandal that started because of someone trying to better themselves by going to rehab. Bill Lockyer who is the current California State Treasurer and his  wife Nadia Lockyer who in her own right had a name for herself as the once President of the Santa Ana School Board, found she was having a problem drinking so she went to rehab. Meeting someone in rehab, who had substance abuse problem, getting hooked on that with her schedule caused a domino effect that caused her world to shatter. While she is now in treatment, was able to save her marriage and her life is back on track and doing so much better, it took hitting rock bottom before she sought out help. This happens most often than not and its okay, it’s better than never.

Rehab Nadya Lockyer

Other Notables

There have been numerous international politicians who have been a part of an investigation for their involvement in a drug ring, abusing drugs and/or alcohol for example Orlando Ranaldi of Italy, Reagan Ufomba of Ogoni who was also linked to Nigeria, Luke Flanagan of the Irish Dail and Steve Purcell the Scottish councilor who is also known as Tony Blair’s “visionary” who had to be warned about an underworld plot to blackmail him due to so many acts of indiscretions.

All of these politicians have been caught and had to come to terms with their addictions and have in one form or another, sought out help. Having the strength to stay sober is the next step. These people have great support systems behind them, and so do you.

Michelle Amerman
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