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Inspirational Addiction Recovery Quotes

Sometimes the right words can lend us immediate and lasting strength. We’ve gathered a collection of inspiring addiction recovery quotes to help those on the path to recovery.

May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way

People who recover from addiction have consciously resolved to leave some people and places in the rear-view mirror. It’s OK—necessary—to disengage from people who aren’t supporting our recovery.

Yet we need to examine those former paths of ours. They can teach us to avoid similar situations—to make better future decisions.

You Can’t Change What’s Going on Around You Until You Start Changing What’s Going On Within You

When things keep going wrong, it’s hard to resist anger at other people. But recovery starts in wanting major changes within the self. We want to get better.

You Have to Get Up Every Morning and Tell Yourself “I Can Do This.”

What’s the language of that voice in our head? If it’s “It can’t work” or “I’m going to fail at this” then it’s time to re-train the brain. Change your inner voice into your coach, drumming into you powerful self-belief, transforming your life’s interactions.

At the Root of All Addiction is Pain

Shame and loneliness are painful to human beings, and are the top triggers for relapse. In contrast, love, connection, and communication can heal. So we focus on healing the shame, working on deep self-worth, accountability, and connections with others.

A Trigger is a Connection Between the Conscious Mind and a Buried Painful Memory

Effective treatment identifies our triggers and enables us to overcome them. Conscious knowledge of where that mental pain came from, and how it shapes our reactions, allows us to make our own decisions about how to respond.

Imagine how we can change our lives if we could free ourselves from traps set up by the past, and take the lead our decisions.

It Won’t Be Like This Forever

Addiction makes a person feel hopeless and trapped. But heal the underlying cause that drives us to use, and yes: It is possible to end an addiction.

Yes, a person can become entrenched in a cycle. It’s not helpful to be shamed for a habitual behavior and state of mind which becomes a trap. But people can change their minds and behavior. To say one is doomed is an illusion.

One of the Hardest Things Was Learning I was Worth Recovery

Addiction leads to embarrassing actions that are out of character. Everyone is worth recovery. At Pathways, we know it’s essentially about loving ourselves. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to learn. But with an exceptional success rate (85%), Pathways can bring you to your real solution.

Sobriety Looks Good on You

Dealing with our issues makes us admirable—to ourselves and to others. We become the kind of folks others look up to.

Our tailor-made, intensive outpatient program addresses any kind of destructive issues: marital, personal, disorders, pornography, and more. We break the cycle of guilt and shame, helping clients accept where they are in order to make life changes. We treat our clients with love, dignity, and respect.

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Michelle Amerman

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I love being given the opportunity to teach people how to love themselves and feel empowered on a daily basis. Pathways is the real solution to addiction and other habitual issues.
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Inspirational Addiction Recovery Quotes

Sometimes the right words can lend us immediate and lasting strength. We’ve gathered a collection of inspiring addiction …

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