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Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah has different types of outpatient treatment programs available depending on the addiction for which you require treatment. Realizing and actively researching treatments programs are great first steps into the journey of becoming a new and better healthier you. In Utah, there are three similar outpatient rehabilitation programs that combine many different types of treatment to get to the same goal. Sobriety!

In Utah, the Division of Substance Abuse of Mental Health is who makes sure that substance abuse treatment programs are available all over the state. The Division along with the Local Substance Abuse Authorities (LSAA’s) provides such services. To make sure these services are in compliance, they are monitored through site visits, a peer review, and year-end review processes.

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In many cases, the worry of the cost of how much receiving treatment is cumbersome. However, the cost of the addiction and what the entails is usually worse. Most services are offered on a fee for service basis known as using a “sliding fee scale.” The fee’s themselves are based on how much you have the ability to pay. This makes sure that the ability to pay will NEVER be the reason you are not treated. While the services are never free, they are in fact extremely low cost for clients with limited means and highest of need.

The LSAA will screen and test you using the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) to determine the correct treatment level. The ASI has seven (7) main areas that are covered due to the impact it has on a person’s substance abuse and recovery. These seven areas general information about the person, history and current use of alcohol and/or drugs, employment, education & financial status, family/social information, legal history/status, medical information and mental and emotional well-being are what affect a person’s substance abuse problem and recovery. Once this has been assessed and the correct treatment level has been discussed and decided. Then a specific program can be developed.

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Drug addiction therapy - Outpatient drug rehab near Salt Lake CityThe General Outpatient Treatment program is designed for individuals who have any number of substance abuse issues and have a stable living environment. However, these individuals do not suffer from medical or mental health problems and are ready and willing for a life change. You must meet once a week in a group and/or individual meeting session over several weeks. These sessions will discuss many things from attitudes and behaviors to lifestyle issues centered around substance abuse.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs are meant for people who have one or more substance abuse problems along with a medical or mental health problem. However, they can live on their own. You must participate in nine (9) hours of weekly therapy and individual and/or group therapy. You will also have case management services, medication management, family therapy, recreational therapy and any psychiatric support as needed.

There is also a more intense version known as Day Treatment. It has just as many services as the Intensive Outpatient option, but with more frequent therapy; usually about 20 hours total. Patients stay on an outpatient basis. The sessions are available in four-hour time blocks each day allowing people to attend school, work and live at home.

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Since you are reading this, it is safe to say you are already on your path to recovery and a better you or you are researching addiction recovery for a loved one. Call Pathways Real Life Recovery today if your would like to learn about the best-rated Drug Outpatient Rehab and Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Utah has to offer.

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