Different Types of Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

There are dozens of ways to do things, and each and every person has a way that works best for them. Some brush their teeth before breakfast while some brush them after. Some people go to the gym at the break of dawn and some people roll in when the sun is going down. Some students take fervent notes in class and some prefer to watch the lecturer and listen. Regardless of the undertaking, there is almost always more than one way to accomplish it. The same is true of substance abuse therapy where there are dozens of types of unique rehabilitation programs. If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance abuse problem, finding a program that caters to their needs and wants is of the upmost importance. After all, who would want to be forced to shower in the morning when they are a shower at night kind of person? Finding the rehabilitation program that suits the addict most is more likely to foster success in overcoming the problem.

Here is a quick overview of some of the main kinds of substance abuse rehabilitation at Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah.

Types of Rehabilitation Programs

Medicine Based Drug Rehabilitation Programs:

Helping Hand - Types of Substance Abuse RehabilitationJust as the name suggests, these kind of programs focus on the medical facets of addiction including physiological dependence and withdrawal. Most substances that cause addiction have been studied extensively by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, resulting in sound clinical methods to help decrease addiction and withdrawal. Some medications are even Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, indicating that they have undergone extensive clinical trials and have been proven effective throughout. Although medications are the main tool, most medicine based substance abuse rehabilitation programs also include some counseling, most often advising the addict to lead a life of abstinence to avoid drug addiction in the future. Because of the sound research concerning various drugs, medical-based rehabilitation programs can be incredibly successful, especially at lessening the effects of withdrawal.

Spiritual Drug Rehabilitation Programs:

Spiritual drug rehabilitation programs bring religion and spirituality into the recovery process. Many proponents of this type of program believe that addiction can be cured by faith in God. In order to overcome addiction, one needs to have faith in God and in His care. In these kinds of programs, those receiving treatment are admonished to give up themselves to God and trust that He will take care of them and their addiction. One of the thoughts behind this is that if faith in God and thinking about God totally encompasses a person’s mind processes every day, addiction will be pushed out and a new positive outlook and faith will be able to take root. There are different types of spiritual drug rehabilitation programs based on different religious beliefs, but all focus on spirituality and a belief in God as ways to overcome addiction.

Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Programs:

Self Healing - Rehabilitation Substance Abuse Utah Instead of focusing on the medical aspects of addiction or the spiritual aspects in their entirety, a holistic rehab center focuses on the over-all recovery of the patient and all of the aspects of that recovery. Attention is paid to the individual’s psychological state and any issues that they might have that have led to addiction. Extensive counseling and examination of the development of the individual are common. Holistic approaches to drug abuse also use exercises like yoga, dietary supplements, and an emphasis on good nutrition. By focusing on the many aspects of addiction and a healthy life, these programs often have very high success rates and may foster lifelong habits of healthful activities.

While the three main types of substance rehabilitation have been highlighted here, further research will show countless others. The plethora of therapies can be overwhelming, but instead of focusing on the number, one should focus on finding a program that will work for them. After all, the vast number of programs really shows that every addict should have hope because there are dozens of ways to recover from addiction.

Michelle Amerman
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