Common Factors for Addiction

Regardless of your age, gender, social status or financial capability, many people can become addicted to anything, at anytime, for any reason. Typically there are multiple reasons as to why you may feel “addicted” to any substance, stimulant or action. Finding out what can make you “tick” when it comes to your addiction, is an extremely helpful tool in overcoming and conquering your addiction.

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While it is stated that men are twice as likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, women are likely to become addicted in a shorter time span than most men. There are other factors than can go into this however, one being genetics. The eventuality that people can become addicted if they have a close relative with an addiction problem is high. This wouldn’t necessarily be because they have an addict in the family. But if the environment that the entire family is around and the circumstances putting them in that position is the same, it’s likely that many in that family have a higher likelihood of having the same addiction. At the same time however, that’s not a definitive.  There are many cases that state just because there is an addiction in the family, one or two may not have the same hereditary trait to become addicted to anything. If there are signs of addicts in your family, you are stronger than you think to overcome this.

There are other contributing factors as well. In some cases it has to do with a life changing event like an accident, injury or mental change (i.e., stress, depression). It’s not a guarantee if something was to happen that was life changing, that you or someone you know is, or could become, an addict, just helpful knowledge. There is also one factor that is based strictly on the addiction itself. Certain substances and actions can quickly become addicting, making it harder to treat. The sooner you are able to recognize the factors of an addiction, the sooner you can overcome it. There is always a question of what originally caused it.

The cause of an addiction is reported to be the neurons in your brain transmitting impulses into certain spots in your brain, which sends signals to parts of the body giving a euphoric feeling.  Essentially making you feel better about the given reason the addiction is being indulged. Essentially having an addiction to any substance such as drugs (legal or not) and alcohol, gambling, smoking and even shopping, gives someone the feeling of “I feel better and happy”, making them want to continue to indulge to constantly make them feel better and happy.

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Put together the good feeling when indulging and the possible factors that could give the desire to indulge, this equals out to a high possibility of addiction to one thing or another. That however, does not mean that it absolutely happens.

While there are many things that can go into why there is an addiction, there is also a cause that gives the “feel goods”, combined with the factors of possible genetics, life changing event, stress or even peer pressure, gives anyone a higher likelihood of an addiction. Having the knowledge of how the addiction came about, arms you with the knowledge of how to defeat and conquer the addiction. If you or someone you know is facing an addiction and plan to or are seeking help, you are taking the first step to being stronger than your addiction.

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