Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Some do it, but few talk about it.  MARRIAGE COUNSELING.  Some may think that going to therapy sessions or receiving counseling means something is wrong with them.  In truth, however, couples therapy can be very beneficial to your relationship.  Relationships are complex and require many skills that we are not just born with. We have all heard the saying, 'Nothing worth having is ever easily attained.'  This statement can ring a bell for those couples who are suffering from strained communication, unbalanced responsibility, either financial or child rearing, sexual frustrations, chemical dependency, co-dependency, etc. Don't be ashamed to get professional help, your marriage may depend on it.

Marriage counseling is sometimes done before a couple gets married.  During those sessions, couples discuss expectations of the marriage, compatibility, style of living (are they a neat freak or a slob), and communication style.  But when you are in the thick of a marriage with problems or conflict, the pre-marriage counseling discussions often prove to be unhelpful. You must acquire strategic skills to combat the common and uncommon pitfalls that couples fall into.  Skills that most couples haven't encountered or been taught, let alone, use them.

Benefits of our marriage counseling services:

  • learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner - Learn a healthy way to communicate, together, while really listening to what your spouse is saying he/she needs or feels. Often times it is easy to tune your spouse out, while trying to figure out what your next comeback or rebuttal to the argument will be. Listening with understanding is key.
  • Be proactive, not reactive - Change the way you cope with conflict or stress. Using our specialized strategies, the silent treatment doesn't have to be the norm.
  • Learn how to state your needs openly and without resentment - Speaking in a tone that will allow your spouse to hear you and not build a wall to shut out your words. When we are trying to get a point across, it can easily escalate into a shouting match. Get your point across firmly, without the added volume and attitude.
  • An objective ally can bring you closer - Marriage counselors work to help the flow of dialog, so that you are verbalizing what you need without creating pointless resentment and frustration.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the relationship - Learn more about each other and what both of you need from the relationship by really processing the other person's point. Discover a deeper understanding of who you are and what you can bring to the marriage.
  • Build on relationship strengths - Uncover and develop your key strengths that make the good parts of your relationship work. Building on your strengths will bring you confidence in your ability to get through your issues.

Family and Marriage Counseling Utah

Marriage is tough. It takes a lot of work and dedication from both parties.  Let our professional counselors work with you to help you build up the trust and find the love that once existed, but has since been lost.  Too many marriages end without the slightest thought about seeking professional help. Don't you owe it to each other and to your family to give counseling a try? Take advantage of our professional counselors’ experience.

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