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We are a Behavioral Treatment Center providing
services for Addiction Recovery, Substance Abuse
Treatment, Anxiety Disorders and More!

Our programs are custom tailored to each individuals needs.
Featuring a higher success rate then any other therapy & treatment solution in the country.
Our treatment team is available 24/7
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Utah Adolescent Treatment
For Behavioral Issues

Mental Health Services and Drug / Alcohol Addiction.
Helping Utah Teens &
Families Reclaim Their Lives
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Mental Health Services &
Family Counseling Offers
Healing That Works

You don't have to face it alone..
Start on your pathway to recovery
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The Best Drug Addiction
Treatment Program in Utah

We are not a 12 step program. We are
a discovery,empowerment & solution
driven Utah addiction recovery program
The Power To Change
Pathway Real Life Recovery Program’s objective is to help clients and their families restructure the unhealthy beliefs that interfere with their ability to sustain long-term change. In doing so, our clients manifest positive life changes and learn to love and value themselves for who they are.

We work together with our clients to create customized and individualized treatment plans. We walk side by side with the client to assist them in obtaining tools and skills to achieve a life of purpose.

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What is Pathways?

Pathways is an evidence-based system that not only restructures unhealthy beliefs, but teaches you, and those close to you to love and value yourself. You will learn to forgive yourself, build healthy relationships, and live for today.

What Insurances Do You Accept?

Pathways accepts all major insurance providers and most, if not all, secondary insurance providers. However, we do not currently accept Medicare or Medicaid. Here is a list of all our Network Providers

Do You Monitor your Patients Outcome?

We monitor the outcome of our clients for up to 3 years to continue helping them push their life forward. We do outreach and outpatient work to help measure the quality of the patient’s life.


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