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Are you struggling to deal with mental health issues while juggling studies, work, and/or caring for family members? Do you battle addictions and need help identifying their root cause and eliminating them? If so, Pathways can offer the personalized, professional assistance you need to lead the life you've always wanted.

Good News! Telehealth is now available for mental health therapy and substance abuse at Pathways.

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a means of virtually providing health services using telecommunications such as live video, mobile apps, and remote patient monitoring. Telehealth provides interactive patient experience solutions for diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and care management while the healthcare provider is in a different location. In the privacy of your home. We can address your treatment needs including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, substance abuse, etc. via Telehealth.

Especially with the spread of the Coronavirus, and the need for social distancing, Telehealth is an excellent solution to meet your mental health, addiction, or substance abuse therapy needs.

Complete the form on this page or call (435) 246-5239 if you want to learn more about this remote mental health therapy service.

What Does Pathways Do?

Pathways specializes in 24/7 telehealth services to make it easy for you to get the help you need when you need it. You can work with us remotely or use our telehealth services in conjunction with one of our other programs. Our day treatment program consists of 25 hours a week of group meetings, partial hospitalization services and more to help you successfully transition from rehab to the "real world". Our intensive outpatient recovery program offers holistic care and treatment that is ideal for those who need expert help to overcome serious problems while our regular outpatient recovery programs offer ongoing counseling to those who are on the cusp of recovery. We also provide specialized adolescent treatment options that can help teens overcome addictions, learn to manage mental health issues in a healthy manner, identify core issues that lead to destructive behaviors, and more.

Why Use Telehealth Services?

Pathway put a premium on telehealth services because we know that many people can't afford to drop everything they are doing to see a counselor or stay at a rehab center. Our services enable people of all ages and walks of life to get immediate help as and when needed. Our team includes addiction specialists, licensed clinical social workers, medical doctors, recovery specialists, trauma professionals, and licensed counselors who are available at all hours of the day and night to offer personalized assistance, encouragement, and advice.

It's also worth noting that telehealth encompasses a range of virtual services. You can get in touch with us by phone, set up a secure videoconference, send a text, use our mobile app, and/or reach out to us via our website. We make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with our team in a way that's most convenient for you at any given time. If you're having a bad day, need help ending a toxic relationship, are dealing with a crushing disappointment, and/or have problems at work or school, we're immediately available to meet your needs. We also have family and marriage counselors on hand 24/7 so our clients' spouse or parents can get in touch as needed. There are literally no limits to the range of care we can offer by using virtual technology to continually stay in touch with each of our clients.

Get Help from Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah

Addiction and mental health issues should never be swept under the rug. Getting help is a matter of life and death as these problems won't go away on their own; rather, they'll grow and hurt not only you but also those you love.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic passes to see a counselor. Pathways offer professional help from licensed experts who treat you with respect, help you identify core issues leading to outward problems, and give you the help, advice, and encouragement needed to overcome addictions and find healthy solutions for mental health issues. Our programs come with a lifetime warranty, we accept insurance, and we offer financing for those who need it.

Overcome Addiction and Mental Health in Utah. Schedule a FREE Consultation with Pathways Real Life Recovery and Begin your Journey Down the Road to Recovery.